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Here see the documents dismissing all charges against Preda Foundation staff and president and founder Fr. Shay Cullen.

It is no easy life for children’s rights advocates and human rights workers. Some twenty years ago we at the Preda child protection agency rescued a little six-year -old child Angie who told her teacher that she was sexually abused by Ron P., the son of their housekeeper. Government social workers referred her for help to the Preda social workers and they accepted her into care at the children’s home and protected her from being abused again by Ron P. The father of Angie, call him Mr. E, instead of pursuing a legal case against Ron. P. the abuser, protected him and maliciously sued us for kidnapping the child. We strongly denied that false accusation, and then Mr. E, a US national, used that denial to make many more false allegations in court against us.

When we at the Preda’s home for abused children initiated charges of sexual abuse against the suspect Ron P., it was Mr. E who defended Ron P., her abuser. Mr.E.then with others,manufactured false evidence and made a baseless accusation blaming us for the abuse of Angie. The child’s allegations of sexual abuse against Ron. P. were ignored.

The false accusation against us was later completely investigated and the so-called evidence was shown to be lies, manufactured and false and the case was dismissed. We were exonerated and cleared of all wrongdoing. It was ruled to be a fake and baseless malicious prosecution. That same Mr. E was later convicted of maliciously filing a case against the prosecutor who brought charges against Ron P. Our accuser, Mr. E, and his gang have continued to spread the false allegations over the internet until the present but no one believes them.

Here are legal documents showing the dismissal of many charges brought against Preda and Father Shay Cullen.

We saved children and gave them a new life free from the abusers. We continue our legal work against child rapists and the sex industry and we are still vilified by those supporting the pedophiles and those accused of child abuse as they continue to circulate the old case but they repeat their accusations made in the past but do not mention the dismissals. Here are those dismissals for the record and for your information. All were already dismissed in our favor.

On April 8, 1999 Prosecutor Oscar M. Lasam, 3rd. Assistant Provincial Prosecutor– Bataan and Acting City Prosecutor of Olongapo for this case, dismissed the complaint against Fr. Shay Cullen and stated the following:

  1. “At the very outset, it was Ron P. whom Angie was accusing of sexual abuse.
  2. When Angie was under the care and custody of the DSWD-Lingap Center, she again related to the DSWD personnel as well as to her father that she was sexually abused by Ron P. and Oliver E.
  3. She also gave a statement before the NBI personnel that she was raped by Ron P ten times, and she was also raped by Oliver E. two times.
  4.  Never did Angie mention to anybody that she was sexually abused at Preda.

In the closing paragraph of his resolution, Fiscal Lasam writes, “as can be readily observed her claim of rape against Cullen was brought about in her dreams. But there is no rape through dreaming. If indeed she was raped at Preda by Cullen why did she not categorically state so in the said affidavit the way she narrated it in her handwritten complaint.”

This was appealed by Mr. E. but the dismissal of the charges was upheld on December 7, 2000 by Secretary Ronaldo B. Zamora as follows:

“It is noteworthy that this is not the first time that the victim and her father used the results of medical examinations conducted on the victim to accuse appellant of rape. The previous complaint docketed as I.S. No.98-738, which essentially charged appellant with the same crime as in this complaint, was dismissed for insufficiency of evidence. In view of the foregoing disquisition, the instant complaint should likewise be dismissed for the same flaw of paucity of evidence. . . Accordingly, the city prosecutor of Olongapo City is hereby directed to dismiss the complaint for rape against Fr. Shay Cullen.”

Mr. E then appealed this decision but the dismissal was still upheld on February 5, 2003 by Manuel B. Gaite, acting Deputy Executive Secretary for Legal Affairs, Office of the President. He writes:

Appellee’s insistence that appellant raped the victim is neither impressive nor persuasive. . . Moreover, the nine-month unexplained delay in reporting the alleged rape weakens the victim’s credibility. There is no claim that violence, threats or intimidation was extended on her by the appellant to silence. In fact during her entire stay at PREDA from January 29,1998 up to Febuary 25,1998 appelee frequently visited her but there is no indication in the records that the victim complained to him about the alleged rape. Furthermore, when she was transferred to DSWD-Lingap Center upon order of the court on February 26,1998, she also failed to disclose to the authorities that appellant raped her. In fact, when she was thereafter interviewed and psychologically evaluated by the DSWD personnel, she reaffirmed to them her previous revelation that Ron P. and her own brother Oliver E. have been sexually molesting her. . .

“A mere claim or allegation is not evidence, and the party who alleges the matter has the burden of proving it, otherwise the same should be dismissed. . . WHEREFORE, the instant motion for reconsideration is hereby DENIED for lack of merit.



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