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Worlds Vilest Brits

May 15, 2005 · 


20-stone slimeball, ex-cop and footy hooligan are ruling the roost in paedophiles’ paradise

A gang of sleazy Britons are taking control of a tourist town and turning it into a mecca for sex perverts, The People can reveal.

The vile band of degenerates are making a fortune offering girls as young as 11 to British paedphiles – for as little as £10.

And with the help of corrupt local officials they have even set up their own POLICE FORCE to protect their squalid bar and club empire in Angeles City, north of Manila in the Philippines.

Today The People exposes the evil crew and some of their customers who have turned Angeles into a cess-pit of moral degradation, They are:

BIG BILLY NEWMAN, 55, a 20-stone pervert who claims to be a robber on the run from British and Thai police.

Debauched Newman – real name Keith William Ensel – runs the Winchester Club. Pointing to one of the 80 scantily-clad teenage girls working for him he bragged to an undercover People investigator: “I took her cherry (virginity) two weeks ago and she won’t leave me alone.

“When you do that they get clingy and possessive. When that happens it is time to move on to the next one.”

RICHARD AGNEW, a 45-year-old former sergeant in the Royal Ulster Constabulary. Agnew, who co-owns several of the plushest and most profitable girlie bars, is a pal of the local mayor and police chief and has been appointed head of a “trade organization” to protect the interests of other greedy club owners.

STEVE HICKMOTT, 48, a convicted soccer hooligan and former general of the feared Chelsea Headhunters.

Hickmott has business interests in the girlie bars but like Newman spends hours pawing the “goods” – vulnerable young girls desperate to earn money.


The disgusting trio lives like latter-day sultans, ruling the roost over Angeles and growing rich from the swarms of impoverished youngsters, some still children, who flock to the town for work.

The town’s main industry is prostitution and in its 100 girlie bars a dancer can be bought for as little as £10 for the night simply by handling over a bar “fine” to the resident pimp.

Virgins or “cherry girls” as they are known fetch premium rates but even that is less than the price of a good hotel room.

Newman, from Bethnal Green, East London, named his bar after the Winchester Club in the TV series Minder-but the sickening trade that goes on every night bears no resemblance to its telly counterpart.

Newman fled to Angeles after spending almost 20 years running bars in the Thai sex resort of Pattaya and lives with a 16-year-old bar girl called Gina.

Speaking in the club decorated with pictures of friends Fred West, Ian Brady, Myra Hindley, Dr. Harold Shipman, the Yorkshire Ripper and Adolf Hitler; the bloated pervert boasted: “I hold an executive position on the trade association. The Mayor asked to see me when he knew what I had been doing in Thailand and told me he wanted to take advantage of my experience as a businessman.

“We now have virtual control of what goes on here.”

Agnew, from Larne, Northern Ireland, has a share in half a dozen hi-tech theme bars with names like Nero’s Forum, the Blue Nile and the Cambodia Club.

Every night they are packed to the rafters with middle-aged perverts from Britain and other countries.

“Uncle Richard”, as he is known to the girls, has the go-ahead to set up a volunteer tourist police force following generous donations to police funds. A citation described him as a “friend if the tourist trade” who had “single-handedly united the town’s entertainment industry with his organizational skills”.

Astonishingly many of the back-slapping cops at the award ceremony had earlier arrested Agnew at gunpoint following a raid on one of his clubs for employing six children aged between 11 and 13 as “comfort girls”.

After his arrest he shouted: “I was promised there would be no more harassment.” But he denies paying bribes to the police. The charges were later dropped. Agnew said: “I am not a paedophile. Girls lie about their age but I have never knowingly screwed a child.

“All the girls who work for me have to be able to prove their age. The trouble I had before was all just a mistake.”

A regular at the Winchester Club who has also moved to the Philippines from Pattaya is ex-soccer yob Hickmott originally from Tunbridge Wells, Kent. He was jailed for 10 years for spraying ammonia in the faces of fans but got out on appeal.

A signed copy of his book Armed For The Match, which tells of his savage exploits as a soccer hooligan, takes pride of place in the bar.

But the most of his energies are now devoted towards pawing young girls.

Another pervert exploiting tragic youngsters in Angeles is BARRY EDWARDS, 58, a retired university lecture from Grays, Essex, Edwards, a former maths expert at Middlesex University, was arrested and charged with raping a 14-year-old Filipino girl in his hotel room.

The charges were dropped after he paid police and the girl’s parents.

Fellow Angeles resident DOUGLAS SLADE, 64 is also suspected of bribing police and court officials to get paedophile charges dropped.

Slade – a former naval actering officer from Aylesbury, Bucks, who claims he once worked on the Royal Yacht Britannia – was caught romping with four naked boys aged between 11 and 14.

He was first exposed by The People in the 1970s for being a founder member of a notorious group PAL (Paedophile Action for Liberation).

We asked senior cop to comment on the scandalous state of his town.

Cynically, he said: “The girls get money and the guy gets what he wants. So what?”


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