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Poster exhibition addresses human trafficking

June 12, 2015 ·  By


Cultural Correspondent


Visitors look at displayed posters at Zainul Gallery at Dhaka University. — Snigdha Zaman

A poster exhibition addressing human trafficking is going on at Zainul Gallery at Dhaka University. Organised by the department of graphic design of the university, in collaboration with Relief International, the show displays 33 posters by the masters-level students of the department. Three entries by Al Monjur Elahi, Dipti Sarkar Joya and Rehmanul Haque Kuntol have been respectively awarded the first, second and third prizes.

‘Human trafficking is a burning issue at the moment. The exhibition is an attempt to raise awareness of the crime, which is a grave violation of human rights,’ said M Harun-Ar-Rashid Tutul, a teacher at the department. Monzur Elahi’s entry that won first prize equates human trafficking with slavery. On a grey background, a hand is shown with five finger, each having one of the five letters of ‘slave’ hung with strings attached to the fingers, while the other hand with a scissor is shown cutting the string that holds the word L – turning the word into ‘save.’

Dipti Sarkar Joya’s poster contrasts unavailability of employment opportunity with the danger of illegal migration. The poster, titled No More Human Trafficking, shows a map of Bangladesh full of employment potentials such as in the sectors of garments, ceramics, leather, medicine and outsourcing, while a sailing ship with trafficked people and a danger sign are painted at the bottom of the poster. Rehmanul Haque Kuntol’s red-coloured poster shows an enchained man being sold for money. Besides the award-winning entries, there are many entries that deserve acclaim for their ingenious presentation.

‘The exhibition displays posters to generate awareness on the ordeal and sufferings endured by the victims of human trafficking. The exhibition is part of our efforts towards establishing an anti-trafficking culture in Bangladesh,’ said Nazrul Islam, country director of Relief International. The exhibition will remain open for all until June 14.


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