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Letter RE.UN International day against drug abuse

December 31, 2012 · 

Gráinne Kenny

International Drug Policy  Consultancy

43 Arnold Grove, glenageary, co. Dublin, ireland.

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Mr Yury Fedotov,

Executive Director UNODC

Vienna,  Austria




On this UN day against international drug abuse and trafficking I am writing to appeal that your office will respond to Uruguay’s extraordinary proposal to exit from the UN Conventions on Narcotics by allowing the government there to be the main dealers in Marijuana provision to users of this particular narcotic drug.  Even the Dutch have not attempted this and are now rowing back in their liberal programmes as a result of pressure from NGO’s and parents there, to their disasterous policy of separation of markets.

Claiming that it will weaken crime in Uruguay is a farce as a legal market will encourage an expansion of the “illegal” market because the finished product is indistinguishable and can be grown anywhere, even in a pot on the window, and would be sold at a cheaper price.  With this growth in the market who will pay for and provide treatment for the many ill effects of the drug in a flourishing market?  Who will pick up the pieces? Who will become rich?

To allow the Uruguayan government to proceed further will most certainly weaken the efforts of those Nations who are signatories to all UN Conventions on Narcotics and to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (art.33). My own country, Ireland, is a signatory.

Article 46.1 of the Single Convention of 1961 permits a nation to denounce it’s participation after the expiry of two years from the date of the coming into force of this Convention (art.41 para.1)

Any Party who has withdrawn it’s consent given in accordance with article 42, can denounce this Convention by an instrument in writing deposited with the Secretary-General”

With respect to your office may I enquire if you will take steps to remind Uruguay’s President of this  requirement and if Uruguay ignores the UN’s warning will they be brought to the International Court of Justice to argue their case in relation to their economic argument. Uruguay would need to become an exporter of cannabis for their economic arguments to hold up thus creating more problems for international trade as nations would cause delay to imports of perishable goods while they are inspected for illegal cannabis shipments. There would be chaos in international commerce.

We have learned from the trade in tobacco cigarettes which are legal, that the illegal market in cigarettes far exceeds that in the legal arena.

The Global Commission on Drug Policy who are working tirelessly to legalise all drugs through the disbandment of the present UN Conventions, have their sights on South America. You are aware of this Consortium which includes former UN Sec.General Kofi Annan.  Those of us in the frontline of drug demand reduction rely on your support and our efforts are crucial in supporting your principles.

With deepest respect.

Hon. President Europe Against Drugs (EURAD)


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