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Info: Bird-Flu Philippines

August 18, 2017 · 


Dear colleagues,

After crosschecking with the medical department in Eschborn and an interest regarding the bird flu cases kindly see the below links for your information:

As you probably know the Department of Agriculture ordered the slaughter of about 200,000 birds due to an avian flu epidemic at several poultry farms in Pampanga province, about 50 kms north of Manila. The department also restricted the movement of birds, eggs and poultry within 7-kms of the area. Officials say they will continue to inspect poultry at the country’s markets. San Miguel Purefoods said it postponed shipping some 200 tons of chicken products to Japan as a precaution. So far there are no confirmed reports that the virus has spread to humans, but the Department of Health said it was monitoring two persons with flu-like symptoms. Health officials note that the virus is not airborne and say human-to-human transmission is not possible. PSA advises clients to buy premium brands of poultry from the refrigerated section of the grocery and to cook the meat thoroughly before serving.

Medical service Eschborn now forwarded the following links in case you are looking for information on this (by CDC, ECDC und WHO in English):
· ,
· and

RKI (German):

However, besides the media coverage and the scandal around it: the medical service in Eschborn underlines that the chance to get infected is very low if you follow some precautionary measures.

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