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Shift in Sex Tourism

March 4, 2000 · 

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica — The sexual exploitation of girls and boys, largely by men from the United States, has reached alarming proportions in Central America, according to children’s rights advocates who say the region is now a priority in their struggle against child prostitution and pornography.


Unicef Child Sex Trafficking Must End

January 23, 2000 · 

NATIONS must fight the greed and brutal disregard for human rights which underpin the worldwide trafficking in children and women, most often for sexual exploitation, according to United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) Executive Director Carol Bellamy.


Coersion the Key Element Behind Trafficking

September 1, 1999 · 

Internationally, there is no consensus on the term “trafficking”. In 1994, the United Nations General Assembly came near to a comprehensive definition in its stipulation that “trafficking” is the “illicit and clandestine movement of persons across national and international borders, largely from developing countries and some countries with economies in transition, with the end goal of forcing women and girl children into sexually or economically oppressive and exploitative situations for the profit of recruiters, traffickers, crime syndicates, as well as other illegal activities related to trafficking, such as forced domestic labour, false marriages, clandestine employment and false adoption.”


A Twist to the Cross Border Trafficking

September 1, 1999 · 

Internet ‘being used to prop paedophilia’
Agence France-presse The Nation, Wednessday, March 25, 1998

MANILA – The world’s police forces are floundering as transcontinental operators peddle impoverished third children via cyberspace in the fast global-trading environment, experts said yesterday.


The Lost Son: Trafficking, Children and Violence

May 1, 1999 · 

The film, The Lost Son, by Chris Menges was given its preview in Paris on April 20, 1999, It is the story of a private detective, Xavier Lombard played by Daniel Auteuil who is is hired by a rich family to find Leon, their son, a photographer and a drug addict. In the course of his investigation he uncovers a pedophile network and the horror of child prostitution.

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