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Indian Girls for Sale for $90

September 5, 2003 · 

In the Northern Indian city of Haryana which has just 820 women for every 1000 men a huge market has developed for under age girls who are sold for less that US$90, about fifth of the price of a buffalo. The Hindustan Times reports trafficking of the minor girls for sex or marriage came to […]


Child Trafficking on the Rise

September 4, 2003 · 

The United Nations Children Fund estimates that approximately $1.2 million children are trafficked year for $10 (USD) billion. In a recently published report “End Child Exploitation: Stop the Traffic” UNICEF noted that there had been a 20% increase in child prostitutes in Thailand in the last three years and 15% of the girls trafficked from […]


Ecpat: Child Sex Abuse And Social Customs [Study]

January 30, 2003 · 

A recent report released by the Bangkok-based international child protection campaign group, ECPAT (End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes), found that socially accepted customs are being used to shelter child sexual abuse in various countries. The report highlights that though child marriages are unlawful in many countries, they are […]


The Younger The Better: 19,250 Children Trapped In Cambodia's Sex Industry

January 30, 2003 · 

A UNICEF survey concluded that 35 percent of Cambodia’s 55,000 prostitutes are children under the age of 16. The oldest girls in the sex industry today are teenagers, says Sao Chhoeurth, who works with AFESIP, a French NGO that rescues and rehabilitates child prostitutes. With recent media attention on  pedophiles such as Gary Glitter in […]


Raising Awareness About Sex Tourism In Mexico

November 1, 2002 · 

An estimated 16,000 child prostitutes are found in Mexican tourist destinations and border cities. In response, in September, a vigil was held on the Mexico-U.S. border in Nogales, Arizona, organized by Arizonans for the Protection of Children, a member group of the U.S. Campaign Against the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children. ECPAT-USA co-sponsored the event […]



August 12, 2002 · 

Rome — Italy is a main gateway into Europe for children sold into sex slavery, lured from poverty into a trade worth US $7 billion a year world-wide, delegates at a conference on child trafficking were told. Each year some 6,000 children aged between 12 and 16 are victims of child trafficking, according to a […]


Child Prostitution Widespread in Jamaica

August 2, 2002 · 

An ILO study on the worst forms of child labour in Jamaica has unearthed a disturbing practice of widespread prostitution by children, some as young as 10 years old, in six of the island’s 14 parishes. While the study did not state definitively how many children were involved in prostitution, the researchers said they consulted […]



April 20, 2002 · 

Wellington — New Zealand has a growing problem with child prostitution, trafficking, and pornography, according to a Justice Ministry report. This followed reports last year that girls as young as 11 were selling sex on Auckland streets, and a warning by a family law barrister in January that child pornography was reaching alarming levels. The […]


Austria Aids East Africa To Rehabilitate Child Prostitutes

April 14, 2002 · 

Tanzania is one of four Anglophone countries picked by the ILO to implement its good practice interventions to combat the commercial sexual exploitation of children. Others include Kenya, Uganda and Zambia. The Austrian government is supporting the initiatives. Implementation of the project will reinforce the country’s efforts in rehabilitating children rescued from serious forms of […]


Child Sex Trade is Still Growing

April 6, 2002 · 

THE number of children being smuggled into Britain as sex slaves is growing.

The UK is among the eight leading ‘receiver’ nations for the youngsters from Eastern Europe and Africa, according to two new reports.

They estimate there are up to 10,000 children unaccompanied in Britain.

Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway and the Netherlands were also singled out.

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