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Report to the Juvenile Justice Welfare Council (JJWC)

October 20, 2015 · 


Report to the Juvenile Justice Welfare Council (JJWC)

Friday October 9 we woke up early to go to Manila with Mam Joan. We visited three centers. The first one we visited was Marikina Youth Home. It was very impressive but I also was a little bit shocked. Very young children behind bars. The rooms were so small. No toilet in the room but only a pit where they can urinate through. It smelled dirty. The children can not go outside and there was nothing to play with. It is so sad to see this. I was equally silent.

The second center we visit was Mandaluyong Bahay Pag-asa Center. This one was much better than the first one. The spaces were open, they can play outside and they can watch television. We met a boy who is coming to Preda soon. Such a sweet boy to see.

The third center we visit was Pasay City Youth Home. The children sat behind bars, but allowed to go outside at certain times. Outside we had interaction with the children. We did different games. We also gave them food and drinks. The children had so much fun, a big smile on their faces. That’s so good to see. Also the staff was nice to them. But it is still sad to see that they should then back behind bars.

-Jail Visitors.

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