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PREDA News : Welcome back to school !

June 22, 2016 · 



The school year has started with the children at Preda home for girls going to school with great hope of over coming childhood poverty by education.The Preda outreach program to the former but now healed and recovered girls are already reintegrated and are enrolled in school their homes and they are receiving assistance and school supplies to keep them in school as the travel into a brighter future.Here in the Photos they are happily receiving their school supplies .

All the outreach students have ATM bank card where Preda makes a cash deposit to each account every two weeks for them to have pocket money and money of their school ands personal needs.
Attached photos of the smiling and proud students who received their school supplies, shoes, uniform and bag and are delighted to be free form abuse and human traffickers and have a new life to look forward to.




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