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October 3, 2015 · 


This kind of American raid is extremely rare. Basically, this guy won the jackpot statistically speaking . He was dumb enough to brag about his underage sexploites to guys he didn’t even know . That’s a huge no no. If a bar owner is really doing that kind of thing , he needs to stay as low profile as possible. There must be no paper trail of him knowing about any underage girls were working at his bar and no paper trail that he even owns the bar too. American values of age of consent is very Puritan compared to most cultures of the world. I Thailand and the Philippines, although “technically”, the minimum age is 18, but really, any ages between 13 to 17 are not enforced. And even if a few raids do happen, the bar owner gets tipped off and everyone is gone by the time the raid comes, or , the bar owner blames it on his manager who recruits the girls so the manager takes the fall leaving the American bar owner free to go. And the girls have fake ID’s and birth certificates anyways so th
ey get by the system. I’ve been to angeles city 8 times so I’ve hear and seem a lot . If any American or foreign bar owner gets in trouble, he just buys his way out is all, unless the US FBI is involved which that would be exceedingly rare. The FBI team member tries to make it out that many more raids and investigations are coming but they’re just trying to make a big splash in the media so these bar owners will be scared to continue doing what they do. The US authorities don’t have the budget to really make a big splash on the scene so don’t let that scare you.

I know that Americans freak out over this under age sex stuff but there’s nothing that can be done to stop it. Way too many bars with so few investigations. And anywhere you go walking fields street , you very commonly see old 60 yr old foreigners clearly holding hands and kissing 13,14,15,16 yr old girls. And the Philippines culture doesn’t get their panties in a wad over the13 to 17 yr olds having sex. Yes, the law of 18 is in the books (mostly due to US pressure to raise it )but the Filipinos themselves don’t care about that age range. They always let it slide when they see it. They only show concern when the girl is 11 to 12 yrs old or younger. Same story in Thailand , Malaysia , Latin America , and Eastern Europe .

The USAis a very very prudent conservative culture who sensationalizes under age sex in the a media and that causes Americans to get riled up running around in their underwears shaking fists in the air calling out for the death penalty. Sigh. I don’t know about you Americans . Lately your ladies are bitching about men cat calling them? Tony Blair responded “get over it ladies” . All over the world , Americans are getting laughed for the way they care so much about underage sex issues and prostitution issues, all of which are pretty much acceptable in most countries. For proof, go see one of the ref light districts in Thailand or angeles city Philippines and note how ,many what are clearly underage girls 14 and 15 dating and sleeping with 50-60 yr old men. It’s in full open and no one even bats an eye.

It’s pretty dumb for men who like young girls to pull that shit in the US where officers and investigators are salivating at the chance to bust your butt to a longs jail sentences. Ya got Chris Hansen of to catch. A predator show who hide behind bushes then jump on your ass once you come walking by the house . Men, look, just save up a little cash ($2000) for airfare and hotel and drinks, and have a bad ass 2 week partying time there where you’re 100% safe . If any stings happen, they are only going after the bar owner and managers . They never arrest the client becuase the client has no way of knowing how old she is a that’s up to the management to do that . And besides, by the time the raids happen, the client wouldn’t have slept with the girl yet. Just pay off about $500 to $1000 usd if you get into any trouble, and as my Filipino govt criminal defense attorney told me, pay off the first line of police as soon as possible because the more you resist, and proclaim your Innocence
, the more the bigger fish police officers get involved and now they want a cut of the bribe action so you’ll have to pay even more the longer you delay in paying off. If you wait too long , there’ll be too many officers in on it and. Edit papers etc that it now becomes impossible to bribe your way out Nd then you are screwed. It’ll be years in a nasty Filipino jail before they’ll have your 1st court date. Bribe the 1st responders and bribe em good money so it can be closed out ASAP , the quicker it gets taken care of the far better it will go for you .


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