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Anneluise Kämmerer will return to Preda for the 4th time.

July 26, 2015 ·  By by: Fr. Shay Cullen and Anneluise Kämmerer

anne luise 2

Anneluise with the Aeta of zambales playing their 4 string guitar-like instrument

One of Preda’s most loyal and faithful supporters and friends, Anneluise Kämmerer from Austria returned home to Eisenstadt, near Vienna, after three months here at Preda. She has visited many of the producer farmers in Mindanao where she celebrated her birthday with the farmer producer. and to the Aeta communities here in Zambales and Bataan. She has made it her mission to promote Organic mango puree and is a witness to the extensive work and control in the mountain villages where the Preda mangoes are grown without chemicals and fertilizers. Analuise is a witness to this and has led many international volunteers and organic advocates to the villages to bear witness to the natural clean environment and without any evidence of chemicals and they witness  that the mango fruits are truly organic.

Anneluise is a dedicated fair trader in the Welt Laden Shop in Eisenstadt and with her team at the World Shop has promoted Preda Fair Trade products especially dried Mangoes and raised donations for the children’s projects.In 2014 Anneluise organized a very successful tour of Austria fair Trade world shops for Father Shay that helped to boost sales of Preda products greatly. Anneluise is wholly missed by all her Filipino friends. Here below is her fairwell letter and reprot to all of us at Preda . Fr. Shay


Home is where you feel at home

I am happy to be born in my home country Austria: Even though I love my family I found a new family here at PREDA, in the Philippines. Saying goodbye is always really hard for me, 10000km of distance to people I love is too far. Now it’s my 3rd time here and I will leave soon already…

Sometimes, I wonder how it comes that I feel so comfortable here. For sure it is the closeness to the people which I already felt during my first stay in 2013

Also it is the background of the PREDA Foundation. Every day great work is done here; sometimes the day is too short for getting all the work done, especially when it is about the rescue of the girls and the boys.

Our work as volunteers here at PREDA starts when the children are already safe in the homes; we support the social workers, we do activities or listen to the children when they want to tell their stories.
Even though I tried not to follow my feelings to much it still happened that I took a shine to some of the children. Either because of his or her story or just because it happend.

But its not just the children and the PREDA family who make me feel at home, it is also the FairTrade Team. I am really interested in their work especially because of my work in our World Shop. The Fair Trade is an important part to finance the PREDA Foundation.

In Austria we sell the Mango-Products very well that’s why I already know about PREDA since 20 years, but just in theory. Now I experienced the hard work of the farmers and the technician to get the result of a good harvest.

mac mac

Anneluise Kämmerer and Donardo Angeles checking the organic mangoes before sending for to the processing plant.

It is really difficult to get to the places of MY Aetas on Luzon and MY farmers on Mindanao, the harvest is done by men who have a good head for heights. As soon as the mangoes are harvested the whole PREDA family helps to sort and prepare the mangoes for their way to further processing.

Until the mangoes arrive in the World Shops either as Smoothies, Mango-Monkeys, Syrup or any other form, it is still a long way to go.

When I am at home and I am holding the final product in my hand, I am reading the Newsletters and mails from here or I am chatting in Facebook I often get homesick for PREDA and I am really close to make the decision to come back again.

I just can say THANK YOU to PREDA. Thank you for the wonderful time here with so many unforgettable experiences, so many new friends and honest closeness.
And I am sure… I will come again!

Anneluise Kämmerer


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