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Mining Policy Brief – Ateneo School of Government


Attached is a an e-copy of Ateneo School of Government’s (ASoG) mining policy brief which was the subject of  Chamber of Mines’ paid (rant) ad in the Nov. 21 issue of Phil Daily Inquirer. Please check under this thread, related statement and opinion/column clips.

The following are the 10 key questions related to mining and governance which this policy brief would like to answer:

  1. What is the nature of mining in the Philippines?
  2. Why does mining generate conflicts?
  3. Is mining beneficial to the country and to indigenous and local communities?
  4. What are the real costs of doing mining in the Philippines?
  5. How do we understand risks and conduct a cost-benefit analysis?
  6. What is responsible mining, as applied to the Philippines?
  7. What operational conditions must be met to conduct responsible mining in the Philippines?
  8. What actions must the government take towards the management of responsible mining?
  9. What interim measures must the government take while appropriate mining governance is instituted?
  10. What is the future of mining in the Philippines?

ASOG Mining Policy Brief


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