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The Anointing

May 11, 2011 ·  By Kate


By: “Kate”

Silence, a dog barks in the distance

Heavy Hearted footsteps

A light dawn breeze brushes tear stained faces

Jars of perfumed oils rattle gently under veils of black

Pale faces…sunken eyes

So little sleep, and many tears

Is it a dream…A nightmare

No…who will move away the stone?

Garden quiet, not a sound

Sleepy soldiers stand guard

Thunder, lightning…an angel stands

Eyes shielded, light dazzles

Broken jars on the ground

“Why look for the living among the dead?”

Must return, tell others

Will they believe – do we!

Run, quickly…

flowing black veils

Has he risen, could this be

Disbelief, return, must see

Who has carried Him away

Gentle voice…”Mary”


I believe.


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