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INTERNSHIPS: Student Interns and those wanting a practicum experience from all countries are welcome to apply for an internship at the Preda Foundation. Those students studying Social work, International Human Rights studies, Law. Students of psychology or social sciences or Fair Trade will be most interested or related research are welcome.

 Please write to for information and an application form and costs.

Visiting groups. Student groups or others organizing a social exposure to experience life in the Preda community and in the rural Philippines and the villages of the Aeta Indigenous people are welcome at the Preda Foundation. Preda is a Fair Trade, Social Development and Human Rights organization based in Olongapo City, Philippines. 139 kilometers North West of Manila on Subic Bay.

There is no placement or application fee just send an email of intent with basic information about yourself and why you want to be an intern or bring a group to have an social immersion

The Preda guesthouse is located on the hillside overlooking the magnificent view of Subic Bay it is secluded and safe. It provides various low cost accommodation and delicious plentiful meals, a mixture of local Filipino and Western dishes and Chinese are served. Wi-Fi is available in the Guesthouse and 3G cell phone connection.  

Just send a email. 

Volunteers: There is a welcome for volunteers who are not taking a college course or preparing to do so. There is no application fee just send us an email announcing your interest. Those wishing to serve in the projects and support the work of Preda either in the legal office, community education,in any of the children’s homes are welcome. (Only female volunteers are permitted to work in the girl’s homes.

Volunteers may wish to participate in the work of FairTrade, join the agricultural organic production team,visit the villages of the Indigenous people and help with the Mango harvest (Late May and June).

There are occasional chances to visit the jails and help rescue children from time to time.There are limited openings for volunteers. Send your email with some background on yourself and request an application form and the living costs at the Preda guest house.


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