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Interns and volunteers, and world travelers are welcome at the Preda Foundation, a Fair Trade, Social Development and Human Rights organization in Olongapo City, Philippines.

The Preda Foundation welcomes intern students and social work researchers of psychology, law, penology, child psychology, business management (with an interest in Fair Trade) and students of other disciplines to apply for placement from two weeks to six months.

Preda offers a comprehensive orientation and study program complete with field trips to the Preda projects and provides workshops and guidance to students.

International Travelers are also welcome to visit and stay and join in the work of Preda for a week to ten days or for a longer period. They can go on hikes and exposure trips from Preda to the rain forests, beaches and to visit the indigenous people, the Pinatubo Volcano and other natural wonders. Click here to learn more about the projects of Preda.

Students can fulfill their practicum studies and gain valuable experience working and learning in a developing country in a secure environment with instructors and guides. They earn a certificate and a letter of recommendation based on their experiences and achievements while with us.

Guests visiting the Subic Bay area for a weekend or longer can avail of the low cost, comfortable and secure accommodation at the Preda Guest house with 3 healthy meals provided. 24/7 Internet connectivity by WiFi or LAN is provided free of charge. Access to the computer lab is also provided. For rates and details for single or shared rooms e-mail

Preda and its services is recognized as an International organization with a ‘best practice’ rating and is an approved agency for social research and learning by Calibris Netherlands, the centre of expertise for practical learning in Care, Welfare and Sport. The Preda Foundation issues a certificate of accomplishment and recommendation to students completing their chosen course. Mature self-supporting professional or skilled volunteers who are wiling to freely contribute to the work of any of the Preda  projects from two weeks to 6 months are also welcome to apply .

Preda Internship Programme
At Preda we have placements for interns. The study and practicum is for future social workers, psychologists, therapists, lawyers, youth workers, environmentalists, agriculturists, business professionals, IT and web specialists, and multi-media practitioners. Interns can be assigned to a variety of different areas of study in which they are interested in for their studies.  They will share the experience with other interns and self-supporting volunteers from different countries. Internship and volunteering is open to people of all nationalities, ethnic backgrounds and religions. There are no restrictions provided the applicant meets the requirements. Most interns/volunteers are from Austria, Germany, Sweden Canada, Korea, the USA, Ireland, the UK and the Philippines.

The interns mingle and share experiences and ideas about the various programs of Preda and beyond. They will be mixed in duties and assignments interspersed with research and study periods. Also they join fieldwork in visiting jails, the slums and court hearings. They experience the child center family days and join seminars on human rights issues as well as law and community activities in schools and colleges where our team conducts training seminars for adults and students. Interns will join visits to the villages for the indigenous people with the Preda development workers, agriculturists and organic trainers and will be exposed to the Fair Trade activities, which include tree planting, hiking and office and business methods. They can share their gifts and talents with the children, staff and people. They can join the youth activities like the theatre training and performances. They will be assigned to help in the boys center and female interns will be assigned at the girls home.

The interns will join activities with the children; teaching, sports, games, group dynamics, go to the beach with the children and join other outings and activities on weekends with the children from the boys or the girls center. Male interns do not get assigned to the girl’s home.

The interns are coming primarily to advance their knowledge, and have practical experience in the serious day-to-day work of the Preda social workers, psychologists/therapists and facilitators. They will be researching, reading case folders of the children, learning the legal cases and case studies.

We have experienced Preda staff who will act as a guide and advisor for the interns. The senior social worker and therapists will be a guide and advisor and mentor them. Senior staff are also always available to answer questions. The daily morning meetings also give schedules, advice and sharing of experiences and problems.

The internship and volunteering project heads and the coordinator works with them in preparing the schedule and involvement in the various programs of Preda so they get a wide experience of life. Not only in boys home, girls home, therapy, counseling and interrelations with the youth and children.

We at Preda implement the rule that interns and volunteers work on the same level and equal status as Preda staff. No deference or privileges for anyone is appropriate. All adhere to the same on time schedule and duty hours. Cultural differences values and practices are opened and discussed and integration is essential. No foreign  “ghetto” groups is allowed. Interns will also get cultural orientation and if they want to learn the basics of language that can be arranged. The fees have to be the same for all, to be fair and equal. It is compensation to cover the many hours of attention, tutoring seminars, and accompaniment that we provide. Internship will be a big benefit for the future of the intern. It has a high value.  We hope this will inspire and encourage the students in their careers and have high motivation as social workers and other professional jobs.

This internship is for the intern’s future careers and employment opportunities and to enhance their CV. They will be assessed on their ability to cross cultural barriers and experience racial integration, community living and harmony which are so essential for their future life and work in their own countries.

The fees give value to their here coming to Preda and they will value more what they experience and learn.

Preda gives certificate of participation and competition and letters of recommendation based on the accomplishments and dedication of the interns. They will write a week accomplishment report also for us to know and monitor and for the record to validate their internship. University professors and Deans call us about an intern from time to time or a prospective employer.

Also they will be trained to respond with compassion and care for the children’s suffering they are learning about.   They will enjoy the many national official holidays like the Preda staff. There are many entertainment and travel opportunities during holidays and official leave.

Preda is not a strict disciplinary organization but we encourage all to enjoy life, pursue happiness and friendship and be responsible and practical in the cultural setting of the Philippines. Security and well being, health and safety are high priorities for us and the interns.

The internship is approved after the applicant submits the application form and it is assessed.

The book Passion and Power, a history of the work and social reality of the Philippines by the founder Shay Cullen is suggested reading for applicants. The book is available in English or German write to for more info.

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