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Preda means: People’s Recovery, Empowerment Development Assistance Foundation.

PREDA’S IMMEDIATE MISSION: Winning freedom and new life for children in jails, in brothels, in hunger, on the street, abandoned youth, and those mired in poverty. Helping battered women, indigenous people and protecting the environment and alleviating poverty by micro-credit and fair trade.

Preda is a Philippine human rights social development organization working for 40 years through fair trade practices to help the poorest and most vulnerable people in society and overcome injustice and poverty. There are 63 professional Filipino staff implementing the 12 projects of Preda.

The heart of our mission is working for a just and fair world where equality, justice , human dignity and rights are respected by all. Empowering impoverished and vulnerable people is at the heart of these Gospel values and the mission and vision of Preda and all its members is to make these values a reality in as many lives as possible.

The goal is to help people realize their dignity, rights and potential;  that they are important and of value. They are the salt of the earth and the Kingdom of justice and truth that Jesus of Nazareth brought into the world is for them. This goal is to be achieved primarily by implementing these revolutionary values and ways of community life so that people are helped to help themselves. The empowerment of people is essential.

The Preda mission has empowering women and children at its center. The Magnificat, the prayer of Mary, mother of Jesus, says it all – that the mighty will be put down from their thrones and the poor will be lifted up. The hungry will have their fill and the rich will be sent away empty. As the beatitudes say clearly: Blessed are the Poor, theirs is the Kingdom. Mission today is working to change the unjust system that oppresses people, grabs their land and keeps them in the slavery of poverty. We want to bring change from the village to the national level. This is accomplished by non-violent means; it has to come from the conviction and commitment of people to work for a just society where all have dignity and equal opportunity, economic development especially.

The Preda idea of Fair Trade and mission finds inspiration in the words of Jesus of Nazareth when he told the disciples to give good example and share what little food they had, their lunch of bread and fish to the hungry people. Those that had brought their lunch were inspired by the generosity of the disciples and they shared their lunch with those that had none: everyone ate. Simply sharing and distributing natural resources and opportunities will give thousands of people economic benefits by their own efforts. Fair Trade is the way do it. That’s why Preda Fair Trade helps thousands of people produce, earn, feed and educate their families. Mango products in European markets gives them a chance to prosper by giving them access to markets for their products, fair prices and Preda interest free loans.

The Preda products are safe and healthy, the dried fruit and purees are chemical free, and you can be sure that they are fairly traded and benefit directly the families who make them. Customers can be assured that there is no child labor, sweat shop conditions, exploitation of any kind but a wholesome environment and a proud and skilled team of caring and loving mothers and producers doing their best for their children and other children too.

Preda Fair Trade exports to many countries including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the USA and many European countries. The recession however has caused a severe drop in orders for Preda recycled products and handicrafts of all kinds since June 2009. Mangos and other tropical fruit purees and dried mangos, however, are steady.

The social development and charitable work of Preda

Preda, through funding partners and a percentage of the earnings through fair trade, helps as many as 150 children at any given time¬† rescuing them from dire and difficult circumstances. We are providing direct care at any given time in four children’s homes through high quality best practice programmes that give protection and a new start in life to many and quality education to many more. We also engage in advocacy, public awareness building and education about the rights of children and deprived people.

Preventing abuse is as important as changing the unjust practices, polices and systems that exploit and deny children, women and indigenous people their rights. We work to improve laws that protect human rights and have them implemented justly.

Preda has preventive education programmes – education for action – this is to bring communities to understand human rights, the rights of children and to take action to save and rescue abused children. In the Filipino community, we invite and encourage people to act justly, report abuse and to contact and avail of the Preda rescue and social services to give protection and therapy to abused kids. We lobby and challenge government officials to act to protect children and stop the proliferation of the sex industry and child pornography and to release children from sex clubs and prison. We work to prevent the spread of the HIV-AIDS virus and help people to be protected.

Our direct services focus on helping children trafficked into prostitution and sold as sex slaves to local and foreign tourists and children in prison. We have a fast response team to provide direct action for abused children and rescue them from abusive situations and protect them. We provide legal action to help the child heal through seeking justice and to prevent the offender from abusing again. We have two homes for children sexually abused and exploited and a two homes for young kids we rescue from jails where they are imprisoned in sub-human conditions. We provide them with rescue, protection, legal assistance, vocational training, medical help and reintegration. We train youth in arts and advocacy theater which enlightens and encourages Filipino youth to get involved in helping others. Once a year, they travel abroad inspiring people to action.

Preda is partially self-supporting and sustainable for the long term through our Fair Trade products ( We assist handicraft producers and small farmers throughout the Philippines helping them to prosper. We work to eliminate child labor through Fair Trade. We also help the environment, for example, by using recycled drink pouches. As many as 60 sewers produce high quality backpacks, purses, wallets, and bags of every kind. These are exported worldwide together with many kinds of handicrafts from as many as 23 Preda supported producer groups all over the Philippines implementing Fair Trade criteria.

Preda dried fruit exports help small farmers get better prices and a steady market. We plant 1200 fruit and other kinds of trees yearly to help the environment. Preda projects reach to implementing feeding street children who have returned to school as a result and helps keep there there. The legal office is helping battered women and exploited indigenous people win the land rights to ancestral lands.

The Mission of Preda is to bring change to individuals, families, communities and the world. When you support Preda you are helping to change the world of poverty and bring light into the darkness; to replace misery with happiness; ignorance with enlightenment; imprisonment with freedom; and hunger with prosperity and self reliance. “Empowerment means Helping People to Help Themselves”: this is one of Preda’s guiding mottos.

Welcome to the Preda Team. VOLUNTEERS AND INTERNS WELCOME. Come join in the work of supporting and implementing sensible, practical, intelligent and well implemented programmes for children and adults in greatest need. Make life more meaningful for yourself and others.


CONTACT: Preda Center, Upper Kalaklan, Olongapo city, Philippines

+63 47 223 96 29 to 30 fax (+63 47 ) 223 9628, and 222 5573




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