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February, 2016

Australia’s Cardinal Pell testifies from Rome in abuse inquiry

February 29, 2016 · 


  Vatican treasurer Cardinal George Pell has said the Catholic Church has made “enormous mistakes” in dealing with claims of sexual abuse. He is giving evidence from Rome via video link to an Australian inquiry into child sex abuse. Cardinal Pell, Australia’s most senior Catholic, will be asked whether he knew if paedophiles were active […]


Experiential museum reminds Filipinos of horror of martial law

February 29, 2016 ·  By Eloisa Lopez, Manila, Philippines for

In the "Hall of Orphans," children hold photographs of missing loved ones, while asking visitors about the whereabouts of their parents in the Journey Toward Light museum in the Philippine capital of Manila. (Photo by Eloisa Lopez)

Journey Toward Light stages scenes from life under the dictator Marcos Thelma Vinoya was a 31-year-old government worker when the Philippine People Power Revolution broke out in 1986. “Without hesitation, we ditched our jobs and joined the revolution after hearing Cardinal Sin on the radio,” Vinoya recalled. The late Cardinal Jaime Sin, who was then […]


How to raise a brilliant child without screwing them up

February 29, 2016 · 

The Polgár sisters, all chess prodigies, were encouraged to see the game as fun from early childhood

Forget tiger mother techniques, the best way to make sure your children achieve their full potential is to nurture their interest gently, says psychologist Oliver James Where does the drive to succeed come from? And if it results in exceptional achievement (as defined by external norms such as power, status and wealth) does that have […]


Duterte supporters deplore wikipedia entry linking him to death squads and vigilantism.

February 26, 2016 ·  By Wikipedia for


Duterte, who has been dubbed “The Punisher” by Time magazine, has been criticized by human rights groups and by Amnesty International for tolerating extrajudicial killings of alleged criminals allegedly by the vigilante Davao death squads. Duterte has been heavily criticised by numerous organizations for condoning and even inciting murders to take place during his leadership. […]


The Success and Failure of the EDSA Revolution

February 26, 2016 ·  By Fr. Shay Cullen


The Success and Failure of the EDSA Revolution Fr. Shay Cullen 26 February 2016 It’s the 30th anniversary of the non-violent people’s power “revolution” that toppled the cruel and bloody Marcos dictatorship in 1986. Ironically, the son and namesake of Ferdinand E. Marcos called Bongbong, who is a senator, is making a strong bid with […]


Slavery and trafficking continue in Thai fishing industry, claim activists

February 26, 2016 ·  By

fish-seller sorts shrimp at Klong Toey market in Bangkok. Activists claim that government measures have failed to end labour abuses in Thailand’s seafood industry. Photograph: Barbara Walton/EPA

Environmental Justice Foundation says abuses in Thai seafood sector persist despite government insistence that new legal measures are working Slavery, trafficking, murder and corruption at all levels of government still pervade Thailand’s billion-dollar fishing industry, activists claim, despite recent arrests linked to human rights abuses and the threat of an EU-wide boycott. The Thai government […]


Day and Night of Terror – Tropical Cyclone Winston

February 26, 2016 ·  By


Columban Fr. John McEvoy, 2/25/16. Dear Readers Never before did I find it so hard to write a few lines about a given situation or to send on some photos. As I said with a dispatch of photos recently sent, ‘The nation is numb, shell-shocked and overwhelmed, so are we. The situation has emotionally affected […]


BBC abuse reports: Staff ‘knew of Savile and Hall complaints’

February 26, 2016 ·  By UK for


The BBC missed opportunities to stop “monstrous” abuse by DJ Jimmy Savile and broadcaster Stuart Hall because of a “culture of fear”, a report says. The Dame Janet Smith review identified 72 victims of Savile – including eight who were raped – and 21 victims of Hall, over five decades from 1959. She said BBC […]


Australian Royle Commission investigates Child abuse

February 24, 2016 ·  By Frank Brennan, SJ for


Cardinal George Pell still has a lot of questions to answer before the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. On medical advice he has decided not to risk the long plane flight home from Rome. This makes things much harder for victims seeking closure. It makes things harder for others, including members […]



February 24, 2016 ·  By PREDA News


A LETTER OF INSPIRATION AND ACTION FOR CHILDREN. 23 FEBRUARY 2016 Dear Fr. Shay, Good day po. I am one of the privileged ones who receive your regular essays that share insights about humanity, how we live, and how we ought to work for change, from a Christian perspective, to make this world a better […]

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