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Irish couple charged with multiple child rapes get bail amid outrage.

November 15, 2019 · 


Irish couple charged with multiple child rapes get bail amid outrage.
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The reported story of a man and woman couple being charged in Kerry,Ireland with 200 multiple acts of child sexual abuse, rape and child porn were granted bail by Judge David Waters causing shock and outrage. Physical, sexual abuse, rape and child pornography charges amounting to 200 acts of abuse against five children were brought against the couple.
Judge David Waters considered them safe to release back into the community despite it being well known that serial child sexual abusers are pedophiles and are highly likely to abuse children again.

The five children are secluded in a shelter it is presumed and their movement is greatly restricted while the serial rapists walk free. With such grave and serious alleged crimes having been committed with strong evidence they ought to be held in custody to protect other children and their victims. Some say it is outrageous they were granted bail. Many are disgusted with the leniency and the apparent carelessness of the judgement to set them free while awaiting court hearings.

There needs to be a review of Irish law restricting such leniency by judges and judgements that favor pedophiles. In the Ennis Circuit Court,also in Ireland, in May 2018, a mother who pleaded guilty to multiple acts of child abuse against her small children over 30 months was given a three year suspended sentence by Judge Keys and walked free.

The children, as young as about 2 and the eldest 15 suffered greatly. The mother beat and abused the four children with cruel treatment and neglect.The eldest wanted to commit suicide but ran away and reported the abuse to the police. The tendency of some judges to treat child sexual and physical abuse lightly needs to be seriously addressed .

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