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What About Children in Jail?

January 4, 2003 ·  , Philippine Daily Inquirer


Due to the holiday season, authorities and even courts are extending leniency to important people like former President Joseph Estrada, who was allowed by the Sandiganbayan to join a faith healing session in Caloocan City, and Rep. Mark Jimenez, who was given VIP treatment (no handcuffs) when he went to the US Embassy, escorted by Speaker Jose de Venecia, no less. This is what compassion means.

But, what about the children who have been thrown into the company of common criminals in Pampanga, Tarlac, Zambales and Baguio jails? Did they spend their Christmas behind bars? Where is the compassion for the unfortunate children?

It’s time the Department of Social Welfare and Development and the Department of Justice looked into the welfare and case status of these children. They might also need health care. They should undergo medical check-ups, and even might have been raped by adults.

The PREDA Foundation Inc.’s investigative rreport “Children in Prison: Tortured and Abused,” details many cases of children who are in jail. This is a disgrace to our country.

Calling the attention of the DOJ. The children have no voice this is a small one that cries to the heavens.

Justice to all children in jail!

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