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The Lost Son: Trafficking, Children and Violence

May 1, 1999 · 


Published in By Jo de Linde, ECPAT France
(May 1999)

The film, The Lost Son, by Chris Menges was given its preview in Paris on April 20, 1999, It is the story of a private detective, Xavier Lombard played by Daniel Auteuil who is is hired by a rich family to find Leon, their son, a photographer and a drug addict. In the course of his investigation he uncovers a pedophile network and the horror of child prostitution. Revolted and angered by what he discovered, Lombard decides to infiltrate the gang, determined to find out why adults make children their sexual slaves and to eliminate those responsible.

This film makes no concessions to viewers. It is extremely violent and honest but avoids sensationalism. Spectators discover, with Lombard, child pornography and trafficking ring into which children may be sold into prostitution. The Lost Son hits where it hurts and the film leaves one with a feeling of revulsion, a nasty taste in the mouth and the suspicion that this is exactly what Chris Menges and his actors set out to achiev.

The film The Lost Son is produced by IMA films in association with Canal Studio and distributed by BAC films.

(By Jo de Linde, ECPAT France)


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