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February 5, 2007 · 


-NBI nabs American pedophile
-Solon warns porno anime ‘inching way into living rooms’
-Anti-pornography drive set in Camanava

NBI nabs American pedophile
by: Tina Santos
Philippine Daily Inquirer

MANILA, Philippines — The National Bureau of Investigation has arrested a half-paralyzed, 57-year-old American convicted of sexually assaulting children in the United States, the NBI announced Wednesday.

The NBI said the fugitive, identified as Richard David Kitch, was arrested in the house of his common-law wife, Tessie Granada, in 5 Upper Mandacpan district, San Vicente in Butuan City, upon the request of US Legal Attaché Stephen Cutler.

According to NBI Interpol chief Claro de Castro, Kitch, who used to work as a tattoo artist, was convicted of Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault of a Child for molesting two young girls between March 2000 and March 2003 in Illinois, USA.

De Castro said the fugitive came to the Philippines in March 2005.

Kitch, who is paralyzed from the waist-down and is now confined in a Manila hospital, was arrested by virtue of a Mission Order issued by the Bureau of Immigration for violation of the Philippine Immigration Act of 1940.

Solon warns porno anime ‘inching way into living rooms’
by: Maila Ager

MANILA, Philippines — An administration lawmaker on Monday warned against pornographic anime or animated cartoons called “hentai” that he said threatened to invade living rooms either through the Internet or pirated VCDs or DVDs.

“There are more than two dozen hentai websites that could be easily accessed by grade schoolers. Video pirate readily offer these pornographic cartoons to teenagers,” Pasig Representative Roberto “Dodot” Jaworski said as he urged concerned groups to discuss the problem and the steps to address it.

“Hentai is an emerging threat to the moral fibers of our nation because it attacks the innocence of our youth,” he said.

Explaining the origin of the pornographic cartoons, Jaworski said hentai is a Japanese word for “abnormality” or “metamorphosis” that is also popularly accepted as synonymous to “perversion.”

“Because these are rendered in cartoons or anime form, its [hentai’s] creators could depict? eroticism beyond their wildest and most depraved imagination. These are what they feed the minds of our youth,” he said.

If not addressed, this problem would lead to “moral degradation among the youth,” the lawmaker said.

“This cartoon production exploits the young, formative minds and its popularity dangerously influences how the minors delineate what is morally right or wrong,” he added.

Anti-pornography drive set in Camanava
by: Willie L. Catapat
Manila Bulletin

Political and cause-oriented leaders in the Camanava (Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas, Valenzuela) area vowed to work hand in hand to stop the proliferation of child pornography, especially those coursed through Internet chat rooms.

The vow was made during the launching of the Radyo Camanava and the holding of the first of the weekly “Kampihan sa Kabayan” at the Kabayan Hotel in Caloocan City attended by leaders of cause-oriented groups, local officials and other prominent personalities.

Malabon vice Mayor Arnold Vicencio, one of the local officials who spoke during the forum, said the problem is getting bigger with unscrupulous pornography operators now using the Internet chat rooms for the distribution of child pornography materials.

The local leaders echoed the observation of Vicencio, saying they will monitor the operation of Internet cafes suspected as being used as venue for child pornography.

It will be noted that the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) has intensified its campaign against some Internet cafes after getting reports that they were being used for illicit activities.

The past few months saw the busting of some groups allegedly using Internet cafes for pornography in various parts of the country.

Aside from monitoring, the group also vowed to lobby for the enactment of ordinances to govern the proper use of Internet cafes and prevent unscrupulous persons and entrepreneurs from turning them into fronts for child prostitution. [End]


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