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Philippine News Digest 46

December 23, 2002 · 



  • NBI charges two foreigners for employing minors in bars
  • Inmates fast to protest abuses in jail
  • Lawyers act to end judicial corruption

NBI charges two foreigners for employing minors in bars

The National Bureau of Investigation charged Australian Terrence George Matthews and American Thomas Glenn Jarrel for employing minors as dancers and prostitutes in at least two bars on Fields Avenue, Angeles City’s red light district. The charges also include four Filipino women identified as Editha Araquel, Rea de la Cruz, Shirley Delbo and Rita Samudio. The raids rescued at least eight girls whose age range from 13 to 17 old. Six of the girls are now undergoing therapy and rehabilitation at the PREDA Children’s Home in Olongapo City. Source: Tonette Orejas, Philippine Daily Inquirer, 23 December 2002.

Inmates fast to protest abuses in jail

The 169 inmates of the Tarlac Provincial Jail staged a hunger strike December 19 following a week of noise barrage to protest alleged abuses committed by Teody Dupitas, deputy jail warden, and to demand his transfer. The inmates accused Dupitas of beating them for no apparent reason, Two inmates have already died since Dupitas employed a “military-style exercise program.” Dupitas has been on AWOL (absent without leave) since the time when detainees started the protest against him. Source: Ronaldo Dizon, Philippines Daily Inquirer, 20 December 2002.

Lawyers act to end juducial corruption

Private lawyers from the country’s top ten law offices organized themselves into a movement against “hoodlums in robes” launched August 21, 2002.. Dubbed “Operation Clean Hands,” the movement’s main goal is to cleanse the judicial system of corrupt justices, judges, prosecutors and lawyers. Former Solicitor General Frank Chavez, who heads the operation, said its main thrust is “to reaffirm and maintain the dignity and purity of the law profession, and the essence of true justice.” Source: Michael Lim Ubac, Philippine Daily Inquirer, 7 December 2002.


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