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Philippine News Digest 37

September 26, 2002 · 



  • EU challenged to stop human trafficking
  • Supreme Court won’t stop executions
  • Deportees from forced to work as bar girls

EU challenged to stop human trafficking

Renzo Imbeni, vice president of the European Parliament, warned during the recent EU Conference that trafficking of human beings is an increasingly widespread phenomenon as a consequence of “untrammeled globalization”. He added that “combatting the trafficking in human beings is like fighting terrorism where perpetrators rake billions of Euros from the horrific trade.” he encouraged all Europeans to live up to their responsibilities. It is estimated that half a million women and children are brought into the countries of the European Union each year, many of whom then become sex slaves. Source:

Supreme Court won’t stop executions

The Philippines’ Supreme Court has thrown out the petition of a human rights lawyers’ group seeking to stop the execution of 30 convicts while Congress debates the death penalty law. The SC declared that the “mere pendency of a bill in Congress should not per se warrant outright isuance of a temporary restraining order to stay the execution of a death sentence that has become final.” The high court instead told the Free Legal Assistance Group lawyers that “perhaps the remedy lies not in the SC but in the office of the President to which any plea for reprieve ought to be properly addressed.” Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer, September 2002.

Deportees from forced to work as bar girls

Many Filipino women economically displaced by mass deportation in Malaysia ended up working as guest relations officers in nightclubs in Zamboanga City, Southern Philippines, prompting local health oficials to monitor all nightclubs operating in the area. In another development, at least five Filipino minors accused Malaysian police of rape while in detention. The Philippine government expressed outrage over the allegations calling it as an “act of aggression against civilization itself”. Source: Correspondent reports in the Philippine Daily Inquirer.


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