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Paedophiles in Goa

June 1, 2001 · 


Non- governmental organisations have claimed that there are at least 100 foreign paedophiles operating in Goa’s coastal areas.

NGOs monitoring cases have expressed disappointment with the governmental insensitivity to the problem of child sex abuse. The incidence of cases involving the sexual abuse of minors is on the rise, yet government is lackadaisical in its approach while dealing with complaints.

“We provide the police important and complete information but we get evasive answers. The police even question the worthiness of reliable information we give them”, says Karen Andrande of Child Line.

Jan Ugahi trustee Bernie D’Souza said that police failed to act on information provided by eye witnesses who saw one paedophile masturbating children on a beach. NGOs accuse the police of mishandling the investigation: no statements of the eyewitnesses were recorded and a medical examination was delayed.

(Source:, March 30, 2001)


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