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News Photograph of some youth victims of the killings in Davao

July 13, 1999 · 


July 13, 1999

13 Kids Summarily Executed
DAVAO CITY – Children’s rights advocates here expressed alarm over several unresolved summary executions of teenagers and young adults suspected of theft and other petty crimes.

Data compiled by the tambaya Center, a private institution for abused children, showed that at least 13 children and young adults with ages ranging from 16 to 25 were summarily executed from February 1999 to October this year.

Pilgrim bliss Gausa, Tambayan Center executive director and convenor of the Juvenile Justice Group Davao, said some of those killed came from poor families and were allegedly involved in theft.

A number of the children were said to be listed as suspected drug pushers by the regional Anti-Narcotics Unit or were involved in young adult gangs.

Jowel Canuday, PDI Mindanao Bureau


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