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May 16, 2011 · 


From Fr. Carmelo Diola, 18, November 2010

Dear Fr. Shay,

I read with much interest your article 512 on skin whitening materials.

As a matter of fact, i have been encouraging writers to address such an issue.

I would be more than happy to join you – and anyone else- who might be interested in launching a nationwide effort to address this evil since the mindsets involved are so insidious and detrimental to our self-respect as Filipinos.

Fr Melo Diola
Archdiocese of Cebu

From Nate, 18, November 2010

Magandang hapon po Father Shay,

my wife Laura is a Fulbright scholar and friend of Jessica Knowles, and both of us attended Jessica’s presentation at the UP College of Law, where we briefly met you. Laura also visited PREDA with some other Samaritana volunteers not too long ago.
Anyway, Laura forwarded me your “racial discrimination at the supermarket” column, and I couldn’t agree more. My professional background is in advertising in the US, and so early on in our time here I started noticing all the whitening ads, and as I learned more about Filipino history and culture I found them more and more disturbing. As an American, I felt vicariously responsible in part for the problem, and so while we were in language school I asked our teacher what an appropriate compliment would be to give to Filipinos about their appearance.
The phrase she suggested was “maganda ang kayumanggi,” and as I thought about it more the idea came to me of starting a pinoy pride campaign with that phrase as the slogan. I’m just beginning, but I’ve come up with a few t-shirt designs myself, written some preliminary text for the web site (which would have to be bilingual, of course), and brainstormed a bunch of other ideas–a celebrity spokesperson, a gallery where friends could submit pictures of each other, etc.
Anyway, I greatly respect your work, and would appreciate your help if you’re interested as we move ahead. My hope is that we’d be able to donate all potential proceeds to NGO’s working with poor Filipinos, and PREDA could be one of them.



From Colm Rafferty, 11, February 2010
Shay you are an inspiration to us all. You are doing a fantastic job in Preda. It is great that you have good co-workers for the rehabilitation of those damaged children. You will have a very high reward in heaven. Keep up the good work! The Columbans are very proud of you. Cordially, Colm

From Ting., 05, February 2010
Dearest Fr. Shay,

My heart bleeds every time I read your columns – in much the same way I thank God for sending a warrior like you, to fight for the rights of these innocent human trafficking victims. I am outraged that the Philippine government has not done enough to stop these heinous crimes. I feel your frustrations. I truly believe that the Mayors themselves or the other government officials who try to look the other way are profiting from these sex industries.

The task to rescue these victims cannot be done by a few. It needs a country to cast its demons. I pray that the Filipino people will elect the right person/people this coming election. Although I now live in Chicago, I have thrown myself in support of Noynoy Aquino with high hopes that Human Trafficking will be in his priority agendas. I am one of the organizing leaders here of the US Pinoys for Noynoy-Mar and although being heard might be a long shot, it is worth a try.

I pray that God will give you more strength and power.


From Father Jeff S., 20, October 2009
In response to a column of father Shay

PS a reflection…why I think sex tourism could be an epidemic if not caught soon… 1. information via internet can communicate better that these girls are available and without worrying about being caught. 2. Laws are tougher in other countries so they will go where they can act out their dysfunction’s, namely RP! 3. There are too many poor here in RP who need money and will sacrifice in order to feed their families. 4. Too much collaboration with “those in authority” as you mention, police mayors, etc. hard to change. 5. Foreigners are able to get longer terms of stay in the RP and they are buying bars and making this a source of income… more pimps working. etc. tempting young girls to have sex. 6 The foreigners treat women as sex slaves and abuse them… we do not need this!! 7. the beauty of the Filipina’s, considered the most beautiful of all Asians, is internationally known, and so to abuse these beautiful young girls is a growing attraction for dysfunctional men. 8. This situation, as it gets known, is very tempting for men who, in the western world, are bombarded in a disfunctionally sex crazed world, where through the internet, access to pornography is so easy. The problem abroad is not getting better here, only worse as young children abroad are exposed to sex and pornography at an earlier age and they become dysfunctional! 9 They grow up and the Philippines can become a haven for all these sick people to act this out with children.. Anyway, a little long however just sharing my


From Ms. Maureen Seneviratne,Chairperson, P.E.A.C.E., 28, September 2009

Dear Fr. Shay

We were very interested to read about the puppet show done by a young teenage group of students who defend children’s rights in the Philippines.

From what I can gather about Sri Lankan puppets and puppetry is that it was present more that 2500 years ago because the Ancient Chronicle the Mahavamsa relates that the kings patronize these shows.

Puppetry became even more common after the Portuguese settled in the maritime regions of the country in the 15th Century. Puppet shows posed on Christian feasts like Christmas and even Christ’s death at Calvary are still shown in churches on the west and south coast where the Portuguese presence was noticeable.

I was very glad to hear about what is being done in your country. Using puppets to depict human and children’s rights is a wonderful idea and we must try to get it across in Sri Lanka too.

Your e-mails are full of interest and we are glad to receive them.

Ms. Maureen Seneviratne
Chairperson, P.E.A.C.E.

From Jeff Smerke, 26, September 2009

To father shay Cullen and staff of preda, i jeff smerke congratulate you all on the wonderful work you do there, have already sent emails to different gov,t departments in phillipines, hope they see the error of their ways, and realise that the whole world really is watching them, wondering how a human being could treat another human being so cruel and disgusting, we can only hope that a better change comes. Sincerely jeff smerke.

From Gertrude, Youth Education Network, Kenya, September 2009
Thanks a lot for this piece of writing. It is quite relevant to our work with Children’s rights in Kenya. Our children experience the same. I am a catholic and learned in Catholic schools all my education except University. Indeed Catholic schools have turned away from evangalisation to drilling children to pass examinations so that they earn good names to get more enrolment for more money! Catholic church is slowly becoming a money faith like some of these mushrooming commercial enterprises in the name of churches.

Keep up your Evangalism

Youth Education Network

From Ting Joven, Chicago, Illinois, September 2009
Dear Fr. Shay Cullen,

BRAVO to you and to the PREDA FOUNDATION!!! This is long overdue.

It is public knowledge that tens of thousands (maybe millions) of children in the country are being abused every single minute. It is about time somebody did something for these innocent children. Be the VOICE of these children! We need more of you.

Put up a HOT LINE all over the country where children can call and report such abuse ­ be it physical, sexual or mental abuse.

God Bless you Fr. Shay Cullen. Thank you for doing this.

Ting Joven

Chicago, Illinois

From Marie-Toronto, Canada, 13, August 2009
Dear Fr. Shay,

I am based in Toronto. I watched the CBC program last night on the work you are doing with young girls. My daughter is 15 so I understand how those girls must feel. I am really appalled by the reality of the situation. I can only thank God for your work and May the Lord bless you abundantly.

I will be offering many Masses and many hours of adoration before the Blessed Sacrament for the success your work in the name of Jesus and Mary.

I am going to be joining the the aspirant program for becoming a 3rd order Carmelite. The work of a Carmelite is prayer and penance. I will be offering up these for you and your work.

Thank you,

Toronto, Canada

From Sabrina Artadi , 23, July 2009
I completely agree with father Shay article.. Among Ed is indeed the nightmare of all politicians who believe and justify why they compromise their own constituents more importantly the poor and innocent, these politicians have decided that life is that way.pornography,gambling its all ok..and have become passive because money and compromise has become the easier path..Among Ed should continue and run and only listen to the discerning.. as God has advised him..because evil only wins when good people do nothing.. and we need all the good people we can get.( :

God bless our country,God bless and empower Among ED
sabrina artadi ( :

From Fred C. Lumba, 09, July 2009
Dear Fr. Cullen:

I just read your colum in my email. Child pronography has been, like you said, going on for years but the authorities, especially law enforcement agencies, don’t care.

I appreciate your actions but I suggest you bring them before the National Press Club and other media groups and secure their cooperation and assistance in exposing this evil in Philippine society. You cannot do it lone as it seems you are a lone voice in the wilderness. Look, even Congress does not seem wary about the worsening situation of child pornography. They already have a bill in their midst but still need presidential imprimatur to pass it.

If the entire Philippine media will work united on this advocacy and expose all wrong-doings, child pronographt can be curbed. We are a very poor country, or so we are made to believe, and the poor have to make do with anything to live, including selling their bodies to anyone who wants to buy.

Poverty is the major reason prostitution and child pornography exist in our country. Even the CBCP, unless prodded strongly by public opinion thru the media, seems to be anemic in calling on the authorities to curb these maladies.

But continue with your crusade. Filipinos certainly appreciate it.

God bless!

Fred C. Lumba

FROM: VICKY M. SEGOVIA, 03 June, 2009


FROM: JohnB, 25 April, 2009
Saving the people of the Earth

Lets do something positive about this. Set September 1 as the date when the Church provides a policy showing how it is going to repair the harm it has caused to our society.

This should not be difficult for the leader of the religious world. It has the resources, it has the ability – seems to just lack the understanding the need.

The exercise of providing a solution to the obvious problem it has caused is an appropriate and reasonable response that any human should be able to expect from such an authority as the Catholic Church.

Can the Church provide such a humanitarian response? The future safety of every child and the future right of every individual to have their rights upheld depends on it.

Seems at the moment that they are not up to the task – most likely because they cannot see the causes, the scope of the harm and the individual damage done.

If the Church truly has the right incentives it would take up this challenge for itself.

Helping the Church to focus on this need can be achieved by setting September 1 2009 as the date for them to provide their plan. is gaining world wide support from countries as far afield as Australia, the UK and Ireland and is set to become a real date for the ending of the cover up culture which has permitted so many children to be sexually abused.

September 1 is the clearest possible way any person can say “Never again”.



FROM: Richelle of Bacolod City, 13 April, 2009
Dear Father Shay and to all people behind the PREDA,

I really admire you Father Shay and all the people behind the PREDA Foundation, Inc. I know that what you are doing involved much risks. People like you are really the light of the world.

As a social work student, I firmly believe that every human being possess that inherent worth and dignity and that every one has the ability and the right to be empowered.

I’ll be praying for all of you and for every child that you rescued as well as all your endeavors.


With prayers,
Richelle of Bacolod City

FROM: Leo Gundelina, 03 April, 2009
Dear Fr. Shay,

I didn’t realize until now the extent of the work that you do.
I am grateful to you, not only for what you do for the Philippines but for the world’s children.

The Philippine military and justice system are an embarrassment. What a privilege to have you working there and persevering in a seemingly hopeless situation.

Pia and Marlyn and what you have done for them are models that others should try to emulate and multiply.

We will continue to pray for you and your children. Children in prison and brothels are in the most difficult situation. While others could only sigh and talk about this horror, you are on your feet doing something about it. I will pray for your safety, health, and support from as many sectors as possible. You are unique.


FROM: Gundelina, 02 April, 2009
Dear Fr. Shay,

Greetings in the Lord’s name.

I am writing to ask if we at Love146 (formerly Justice for Children International) could have the honor of your presence during the opening of our safehome, called the Round Home (for sexually exploited girls) on April 28, 2009 at 2:00 PM.

The Round Home is in Los Banos, Laguna. We are happy to pick you up anywhere in Manila to come with us to the Round Home at 1:00PM. The presence of someone like you means a lot to us. We also would like to pledge solidarity with you in your heroic efforts to save and restore the children. Our Round Home is also open for referrals you might have.

Hoping that you could grant us the honor of your presence at this most momentous event for us.

Thank you and God bless.



FROM: Leo Battad, 16 March, 2009


The STREETCHILDREN DEVELOPMENT CENTER sends its heartfelt congratulations to Fr. Shay Cullen for receiving the Humanitarian Award at the 2009 Meteor Ireland Music Award.

We take note of Fr. Shay Cullen and Preda Foundation’s courageous stand in defending child’s rights against all forms of abuses and neglect, and in striving to promote respect for human rights.

We salute Fr. Cullen for his untiring efforts, zeal and dedication in helping make the Philippines a kinder place for women and children – a place free from violence and abuse.

For Fr. Shay Cullen’s 40 years of untiring and dedicated efforts for the cause of human rights in the Philippines, the Humanitarian Award for the Meteor Award is well deserved. His brand of committment to the cause of human rights deserves our great respect and admiration.

May Fr. Cullen and Preda Foundation continue their great work for the cause of human rights.


Executive Director

cc: Rev. Fr. Jerome Angulo, OFM

Atty. E. (Leo) D. Battad
Vice Chair

FROM: Lorna Domingo, 13 March, 2009
The Philippines is so blessed to have a great person like Fr. Shay.

It’s just so sad that a lot of our fellow kababayans who are very rich and in power cannot use their resources, talents and powers to solve problems (human rights, child abuse, etc.) such as these and lead our country into a more decent way of life, set aside their personal agendas and serve our less fortunate brothers and sisters.

God Bless and More Power to Fr. Shay and His Entire Team and Supporters.

Lorna Domingo
Loan Assistant
East West Bank

FROM: Bob, 13 March, 2009
Hello Father

Congratulations, I can not think of anyone more deserving of this Humanitarian award. You have devoted your life in working for the disenfranchised. The work you do has been an inspiration to many and you can count me as one of the inspired. The work and sacrifice that you make is exactly what Jesus was preaching when he walked on this earth. I know it will be hard for you to be anything but Humble,but please let a little pride in OK? God-Bless and Job well done.


Ever onward

FROM: Fred Garrido, 09 March, 2009

Dear Fr. Cullen,

We published your article “Sex Tourism and Abortion” as our editorial of the week on Thank you for all you do for the children. More power to you and to PREDA.

Best regards,

Fred Garrido

FROM: Bro. Tootsie, 07 March, 2009
Dear Friends,

I just wish to salute you for your noble work with children, particularly young girls. Congratulations are also in order for the new home for abused children that you are developing at the moment, as well as for the various humanitarian awards PREDA and Fr. Shay have received from different institutions in recognition of your efforts to protect the rights and welfare of children.

Together, let us take up the issue of legal bottlenecks that impede the resolution of cases of children, and even those that are obstructive to the effective performance of social workers in relation to rescue and protection of abused children, at the RSCWC. If you have proposed resolutions that we can disseminate to influence policy makers and implementers, kindly send them to me so I can help in lobbying for them.

Your partner in making this world more nurturing of our children,


FROM: Bro. Mercy Cabrillas, 06 March, 2009
I wish to commend you for all the works that you are doing for the children.

May our Lord Almighty be with you always.

Best regards,

Mercy C.

FROM: Bro. Sr. Maryanne, 05 March, 2009
Thank you, Father, for putting my name on your address list. I avidly read all your office sends. I knew the Columbans in Korea, so there’s a personal feeling when I ready your articles.

Praying for you and your charges,

Sr. Maryanne

FROM: Bro. RAYMUND PECAJAS, 18 February, 2009

Dear Fr.. Shay Cullen,

Thank you so much for your untiring efforts to send messages to all of us who permanently reading your article. We’ve learned so much from your writings.

May God continue to bless you and your staff.

God Bless.


FROM: Keith, 29 December, 2008

I think the work you are doing is fantastic from the sounds of things there should be more people like you in this world i pray to God almighty that one day ill be a position to do something to help God bless you all and please keep up the good work.


FROM: June, 27 December, 2008

Dear Fr. Shay and all PREDA staff and family,

Thank you very much for keeping me abreast with your thoughts. I will be forever grateful for the inspiration as I continue on my Life journey.

I wish you all a very happy Christmas and a prosperous new year! May justice and peace reign in our hearts.


Ms June Rodriguez

FROM: Susanna, 27 November, 2008

Dear Father Shay

The main reason to why I traveled all the way to the Philippines (Preda) to write my essay was to be able to see how other societies work , and see the different between my ‘reality’ and other peoples ‘reality’ Preda has given me alot! I have had a lot of mixed feelings sense I’ve been here, feelings like sadness, happiness, anger and more, Preda has allso opened my eyes.

So thanks to that my main reason for righting this assay is to be able to share this experience with other people, I dont think other people will ever understand what I have been through during my time in Preda but as long as my essay can touch other people’s hearts and open their eyes, let them know all the injustice that exists in other countries and how important our help is I will feel like I’m on the right track.

I have now talked to Erwin about how Preda can help me getting the information for my essay, he will make me a schedule witch will help me being able to get to the places I need to go like for example jail, and collect information for the essay. Erwin also told me to contact Joan whenever I had some Q questions, and that I will do! So right now I am very excited to begin my reserch for the essay.

BY: Susanna

FROM: Eric Delve, 26 November, 2008

Dear Shay,

This is just a brief note to say how much I appreciated your latest. St.Columban has long been a figure of intrigue to me and also a hero. But I did not know all the stuff that you had gathered together. What an incredible man and how powerful those Celtic missionaries were. When you think that they penetrated into the valleys of Switzerland and down into Italy, it is truly amazing, the impact that they had and they did all that without a formal hierarchy. It makes you wonder doesn’t it whether it is as anywhere near as important as some people would have us believe.

Anyway, many thanks again. that was every powerful, inspirational letter from you.

Your brother and friend

Eric Delve

FROM: Genie Chavez, 26 November, 2008
Dear Father Shay and Preda team,

This is to let you know that your work for children is deeply appreciated. I am always happy to hear your updates.

Although I no longer work directly for the cause of abused children, the advocacy is still in my heart. Recently, I was able to organize my office mates to share their blessings with the less fortunate kids. The response was beyond my expectations. Many joined the activity I arranged with Verlanie Foundation in Makati. Most of those who came were their first time to be with and hear stories of abandoned kids aged 8-12 years old. I am so happy with the turn-out of the event. I pray that there will be more of this kind and I hope the next time will be with you.

Thank you and God bless.

Genie Chavez

FROM: Ester Alkonga, 26 November, 2008
Hello Fr. Shay,

This article about your founder and his mission is very enligthening. Reading through it made me feel proud about knowing some of his friends and even experienced the zeal,holiness and their courage. Thanks to you and the Columban fathers who have worked in Alaminos. I have great respect for you. Thanks for being faithful to the mission started by Columbanus. For the Church to be really relevant then and now, she has to be faithful in preaching the love of God and the Word in the midst of the current expressions of paganism. In our time, you have been doing a very great work with the oppressed,abused and exploited children,women and youth. Like Columbanus your witnessing has encouraged so many volunteers all over the world. Keep it up Father. I also keep in my heart all the others: Fr. O Donnovan,Fr. Byrne,Fr. Kelly, Fr. Sheehy, Fr, Murphy, Fr. Long and yes Fr. Bradley. I was so happy I could pay my last respects to him during his wake.

Unfortunately, i could not be there for the funeral. It was an opportunity for me to say thank you to him for all what he has given to the Diocese. For the inspiration he has given me to do my part in serving God through the Social Action Ministry. I also asked him to pray for me as I take the decision to leave the Diocese after 23 years. I pray that God will show me the way where to go next.

Sige po Father.



FROM: Relita Dalit-Pierson, 24 November, 2008
Dear Father Shay,

Thank you for sharing with me the information below and so with the recent updated reports on FREDA Foundation’s wonderful accomplishments. The Foundation, especially YOU, is God heaven sent for the less fortunate ones in the country. Practically, you are a saint in their eyes only. And I would feel the same too if I am in the same situation.

Last month, I visited my cousin in San Jose, CA, and found out that he attended St. Williams School in San Marcelino. Yes, he remember you so well after all these years. In fact, he speak very highly of you. My cousin’s name is Ray Balauro. He was in the country on July of these year for his father’s funeral.

I was at the UN Headquarters in Manhattan, New York, for the Rotary International Conference two weeks ago. I came back home wih common cold, ear infection and sinusitis. So I am now in heavy antibiotics. Good grief.

So I keep on rereading your message below for it brings back wonderful memories of my Alma Mater St. Columban College to keep my mind off being sick.

please take good care of yourself….

Sincerely yours in Christ,


FROM: MRS. JOCELYN H. MATUCAD 19 November, 2008
To The PREDA Family,


By the way, once i have visited your place and I do admired your work. Keep it up. We too was once a project supported by KNH – LPI.


Bagong Silang Child Center
Santiago, Iriga City

FROM: Larry McEvoy (New York) 19 November, 2008
Merry Christmas to Fr. Shay and all at Preda.

I sent Fr. Shay’s Christmas message on to a number of other people. Congratulations on the excellent work.

Maybe a good idea would be to put at the end of the message something like …. “Please forward this on to your family and friends”. Keep up your critical work.

Best wishes
Larry McEvoy (New York)

FROM: Johannes Wouters, 18 November, 2008
Hello Father Shay,

with very much interest I read your last Newsletter. I am still shocked about the Fact that there ist still so much mistreatment among the young boys and girls on the Philippines. What on Earth is happening in the Brains of the Philippine Government not beiing able to stop this awfull happening.

They should know that young people are tomorrows Future. However, as You said, Christmas is coming, for me it means that I have to work on my speeches for the Schools here in Friedrichshafen. The theme will be Preda and ofcourse the children of the Philippines. At the moment it is the only thing that I can do to make young people here, sensible for these problems.

Whishing you and your staff and naturally the kids in Preda, a most wonderfull Christmas. May God give them hope for a good future.

John Wouters
Verein Eine Welt Friedrichshafen

FROM: Isabel, 18 November, 2008
Dear Fr. Shay Cullen,

Wishing you, your PREDA team and the PREDA children a very meaningful, blessed Christmas too.

Fr. Shay, I thank you for including me in your email recipient and I am glad there is PREDA organization who is patiently taking care of sexual exploitation and other related cases’ victims, I salute you and your team for the great work and dedication.

Thank you very much and wish you all the very best for year 2009!



FROM: vimla mankottil (India), 06 November, 2008




FROM: Rocky (USA), 02 November, 2008
To Fr. Shay Cullen,

I am a regular reader of your column in the Manila Times Internet Edition and I admire you for your straight talk. I could not believe that in the Philippines these heinous crimes of molesting and impregnating children exist – to think that they are being done by foreigners.

Since my family immigrated to U.S. almost a quarter of a century ago it was only early this year that my wife and I paid our roots a visit. To our surprise, many things have changed a lot. What we saw were the positive side of it, though.

Because our stay was brief, we did not have enough time to read newspapers much less ask what was happening in the three branches of our government. Much to our desire to hear first hand information direct from the horse’s mouth so to speak, our relatives were reluctant to give us the correct picture of what is happening around especially in the Judicial Branch.

In your column, suspected pedophile Richard Holden is now incarcerated in Bicutan waiting for his time to be deported back to Great Britain. Is it because Mr. Holden is the handsomest rapist who ever lived that makes him immune from being tried according to our law in the Philippines?

Do I understand that the inmates in Bicutan have been emasculated to the point that they are afraid of him because he looks like James Bond? Perhaps this James Bond wannabe wears a chastity belt equipped with guillotine that prevents them from letting him take a dose of his own medicine.

I’m not insinuating that his rights as a human being should be violated. I want to point out that The Code of Hammurabi has been recognized in the Holy Bible – An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.(Matt 5:38 KJV). Meaning to say, for every wrong done, there should be a compensating measure of justice.

I’m just praying hard that no daughter of our high government officials will suffer the same fate that these poor children have experienced.

Yours truly,

Rocky (USA)

FROM: Carole, 20 October, 2008
Fr Shay,

Thank you for your recent email with details of your latest publication regarding the ICC decision to bring the Sudanese President to answer the allegations of violence and torture against innocent people. Your article was informative and prompted me to write to our Prime Minister Gordon Brown and my MP David Cameron that they make themselves familiar with the atrocities taking place in Darfur and asking that they support the ICC decision to bring Al-Bashir to justice rather than oppose it .

We continue to pray for you and all those who are trying to bring hope and light to the vulnerable children in Olongapo.

I have sent the work you are involved in a small donation (£100) via Columban Fathers UK. I hope it reaches you ok.

God bless,


FROM: Jim Hanley, 05 October, 2008
I just want to congratulate Father Shay on his well deserved award!

Father Shay and the people of PREDA are heros to those unfortunate children. I admire you all so much! Your reward in Heaven will be great to be sure!

Jim Hanley

FROM: Cristina Vico, 25 September, 2008
Dear Kaibigan,

Last August, I spent some days in your foundation as SETEM’S coordinator and I would like to thank you for this opportunity.

Thank you to let me know how your foundation is working hard to avoid children abuse and children’s jails, etc..

Thank you to be as you are, incredible persons with a huge heart. There should be more people as you in the world.

I would like to point some of your qualities out: organization(having daily meetings), professionality; excellent staff; iniciative and incredible team.

Please, keep me informed, and who knows, if one day I could be one of the Preda’s staff.



FROM: Kerry Galligan, Michelle O’Farrell, Denise Ryan, Liz O’Leary,

Niahmhms Pitts, Hillary Brown
To al Preda Staff,

Just a short thank you for the warm welcome & hospitality we have received during our time here from the moment we arrived we felt part of Preda.

All the staff have been extremely helpful. Shiela in particular has gone above & beyond the call of duty seeing the staff passion for what they do, compassion for who they do it for & determination for continuing to do it is visible in all aspects of Preda. It is truly inspiring. As is Preda itself constantly aspiring to reach more lives. Seeing an organization using all available resources so economically & productively shows how things should be done.

Seeing all the children so happy, enthusiastic, feel of love, life, laughter is fantastic considering what they have been through. Enabling their children to have more & a future where they can feel safe & secure is the least they deserve.

We all hope to return in the near future to see your continued progress & we will be keeping track of what your doing through your website & all other means. It has been a privilege to spend time with you all. we are truly in awe of what you do & how you do it.

Warmest wishes…

FROM: “linda blanco”, July 25, 2008
Dear Fr, Shay.
Our family is from Sta Rita Village. Olongapo
City but now residing in San DIEGO, US.My son Lynjun visited your place last 3 years ago,he donated a cavan of rice in your foundation.I mentioned to our friend who is a US military priest LT.COMMANDER Fr.Anthony
Berchmanz about your foundation and he is willing to help and send some cash donation and some stuff for the children.
Fr.Shay is that Ok for you so that I can give
you his E-mail address and you can talk to him.I talked to Fr.Anthony last week and he want you to send a letter regarding your foundation.taking care of poor children and needs help from their community.
Linda Blanco
758 Joanna Dr.
San Diego.Ca.92114

FROM: “Carla C. Garcia”, July 19, 2008
Gud morning… I’m at present a member of the BCPC at Brgy. Sisiman, Mariveles, Bataan acting as Chairwoman of Com. on Women & Family and looking forward to our just announced Workshop to be conducted by PREDA here in Mariveles this coming August 7 and 8, 2008. We’re getting more aware of different cases here involving minors and all of us are expecting you could give us more light on how we can cope with these problems. Our municipality as well as the provincial council are very supportive and we are glad we have you too to guide us.
I personally thank you for giving us this much needed workshop for all of us to learn.

FROM: “David Simpson”, July 17, 2008
I have been visiting Manila from New Zealand for the past 2 years to help train teachers and have had a small understanding of the exploitation of the poor in the Philippines.Lately though I have read more deeply about the history of this exploitation and have read Joseph Collins book”Fire on the Rim’ and discovered the work of Preda.I am deeply moved by what you are doing and have signed up to receive your newsletters.Keep up this good work, David simpson

FROM: “Angie Chua”, May 19, 2008
Dear Mdm/Sir,

Im from Singapore, Chinese. I have alot of deep thoughts after reading some of the pages. I wish I can help this kids and will like to volunteer.Is there anyway I can help this kids? Sorry I have not much in financial but im sure i can help them in some ways.

You Sincerely
Angie Chua

As the gt gt grandson of Wiliam Wilberforce and a priest of the Catholic diocese of Plymouth I have been giving talks on slavery today and especially sexual exploitation of children and young people.
I cannot be at the meeting at at St Mary’s Longfeet Poole as i have anorther engagement that day.
I send you my best wishes and support.
God bless you all.
Fr Gerard wilberforce

FROM: “dimple”, April 24, 2008
It’s really a heartbreaking moment when I open this site and found these children behind bars.

Our government should do something for them. We all knew that our government have a lot of problems to be sort but they should open their eyes and see how these childrens suffer.

They suppose to be in school and not inside that jail. It seems that most of our government officials are not aware of these problems. They don’t realise that these children might have a brighter future if they will help them in anyway and put them in a place where they should belong.

I hope & I pray that one day our government will come to rescue these children.

FROM: “Lela Albert”, January 08, 2008
Doing Child Abuse work in the USA.
Reported an American who lived in the Philippines who molested young boys on a YWAM base in Naga City, Philippines, after the man returned to the US as a ‘fugitive on the run” He is currently in US prison for molesting children in New Jersey, USA.
His name is Thomas E. Harris, I don’t know if you are aware of the pending criminal case against him in your country. ICE, Interpol, FBI, and governments of US, and Philippines are involved.
I support your work, plan on traveling to the Philippines later this year.
Lela Albert
Child Abuse Advocate


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