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“China’s Transplant System Has Horrified the World”

November 15, 2017 · 


Dear Editor in Chief of Manila Times,

Although my wife and I respect your newspaper as one of the most balanced and “neutral” in recent months it was very appalling for us to see that Manila Times carried an article on Nov.09 2017, written “by Manila Times”, about the, pardon the word, nonsense about “China 2nd in organ donations”.

In the western world it is already well known that China has a multibillion dollar organ transplant operation business; ongoing since many years. Please watch the 20 minute video at “”. This is a “must see” eye-opener video. It has irrefutable evidence of what is indicated in this writing and has lots of evidence which are often coming from sources within China. After watching the video you and everyone else who saw it will understand that China will be trying desperately to cover up this most bloody, most inhuman and most heinous crime: “State(!) Sanctioned Forced Organ Harvesting” of innocent people; and ongoing for 18+ years. – After watching this video called “Medical Genocide” you will understand and also know that any information related to China’s organ transplants, organ donations etc. needs to be very transparent, verifiable and critically looked at. Then, as a balanced newspaper, shouldn’t you at least let the reader know about the big controversies related to China’s organ “donation” system and transplant figures.

“China’s Transplant System Has Horrified the World”. This was stated by the no less than the President of The International Transplantation Society during the Transplant Conference in HKK in 2016. An article related to this can be found at; and this is just the tip of the iceberg. –
And apropos China’s (unofficial) spokesperson regarding organ transplants and donation activities in China… here I give you very strong hints that this Huang Jiefu seems to be guilty as anything of “Forced Live Organ Harvesting”; most likely in the thousands!! For more on this please have a look into . Shouldn’t that man be in jail? Why is he still allowed to deceive the world; or to enter other countries like the Philippines. According to my knowledge if he would try to enter Spain he would be arrested; due to their laws regarding organ trafficking.

I, Michael Wolf, gave an interview recently to the publisher of the Mindoro Bulletin indicating clearly why this subject of China’s illegal organ transplant business is something very serious and “Why” it is important for the Philippines to know about it. If you google for: “YouTube Mindoro in Focus” you will find my interview (uploaded on YouTube).

You see… Taiwan amended its organ transplant laws in 2015 because of the organ transplant situation in China; and they did this against “strong headwind” from China. So what did China do then? – After China found out in 2013 what Taiwan was planning to do, which was to prevent Taiwanese to fly to China for organ transplants so that they will not become an accomplice in a murder crime, China offered the Taiwanese DOH an organ exchange; meaning… if you (Taiwan) don’t have the organs you can order them from us. China, in 2014, wanted to drag Taiwan into their “bloody, criminal business” of “Forced Organ Harvesting of living/innocent people”. Luckily Taiwan was vigilant enough and didn’t fall for it. – I write this to make you aware that there might be strong attempts from China to do something similar here in the Philippines; perhaps even spurred due to our president’s very friendliness with China. And there is more to that subject.

Anyway I am sure you will research on this subject further on your own; perhaps starting best by first watching this video at featuring the 2016 findings of independent investigators.
I’d like to close with my deep wish that you show this email to Prof. Dante Ang (because of his “think tank activities” for the current administration) and I hope that we can see us in person on this pressing matter.


Michael Wolf
PS: you can reach me by writing to my email: or via globe: 905-665 69 23; which is the cellphone number of my wife Bernadette.


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