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Children Suffer as War Continues in Gaza and Israel

July 23, 2014 · 


As Israel and Hamas continue fighting, children on both sides of the border are paying the price

Megan Gibson @MeganJGibson  2:42 PM ET


The father of 18-month-old Razel Netzlream, who was fatally wounded during an airstrike, carries her body right before her funeral, in Rafah, Gaza Strip, July 18, 2014. Alessio Romenzi

As the conflict in the Gaza Strip and Israel moves into its third week, the impact of the fighting on Palestinian and Israeli children has become a heart-breaking signature of the conflict. Reports from Gaza relay stories of shells destroying civilian homes, killing children sheltering within; of tank-fire killing a five month-old baby; of a naval bombardment on a beach killing four young boys who had been kicking around a soccer ball. In Israel, parents hear the first wail of air raid sirens, grab their frightened children and run for bomb shelters.



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