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Brit paedo Trevor Monk jailed for 20 years for sex abuse on kids as young as 5

March 1, 2016 ·  By Nicole Morley for for

Trevor Monk, 47, a paedophile who filmed himself abusing young girls on a trip to the Philippines (Picture: NCA)

Trevor Monk, 47, a paedophile who filmed himself abusing young girls on a trip to the Philippines (Picture: NCA)

A British paedophile who filmed himself sexually abusing girls as young as five has been jailed for nearly 20 years.

Trevor Monk, 47, paid thousands for access to the children during a two-week holiday in the Philippines. He even complained to a woman arranging the abuse that one of the girls was 16 instead of 13.

Monk was arrested in March last year following an investigation by the National Crime Agency into the buyers and sellers of child abuse material in the Philippines.

Officers found more than 80,000 indecent pictures and videos of children at his home in Erith, southeast London. The films included footage he took himself during his visit and films of ‘live shows’ by his contacts in the Philippines.

Monk, who admitted visiting South East Asia once or twice a year since 2007, tried to claim that he was only sending the money to help out because it was such a poor country.

He later admitted the abuse and was sentenced to 19 years and six months at a hearing this afternoon.
Judge Anuja Dhir QC delayed sentencing to watch some of the worst videos and assess the abuse herself.

She said child victims as young as five-years-old were clearly ‘petrified’ while the films included close-ups of ‘tiny’ children being molested.

‘I have no doubt from the material I’ve seen today that you had a perverted fascination with young females and that is what led to you behaving in this abhorrent manner’, she said.

‘Sexual abuse of this kind of children wrecks lives and the consequences of it for the victims, whether they are actually sexually assaulted by you or children whose images were found at your home, are not short lived.

The statue on top of the Central Criminal Court, also referred to as Old Bailey, in London (Picture: PA)

The statue on top of the Central Criminal Court, also referred to as Old Bailey, in London (Picture: PA)

‘I’m sure as an adult of 47 you are aware fully of the damage your behaviour causes on others, but you carried on regardless.’ The judge said Monk’s trips to the Philippines ‘were planned for one purpose, so that you could engage in sexual activity and assaults with young females.’

She added that the videos included scenes of a mother molesting her own eight-year-old daughter. The judge said: ‘Your actions were depraved and revolting, and it’s astonishing anyone would wish to film such abuse but you did.

‘I’ve no doubt you did so so you could watch it again for your own sexual gratification.’

The court heard Monk transferred a total of £14,740 by Western Union to the Philippines between 17 December 2010 and 17 November 2014.

This was supported by computer records of his Yahoo chats with two women named Evangeline and Janet in the Philippines – described by Monk as his ‘girlfriends’.

In one conversation Monk, using the pseudonym James, protested that he was being sent pre-recorded films instead of live shows.

Prosecutor Timothy Probert-Wood said: ‘He complains about being taken advantage of in that regard’.

One image dated 21 January 2014 showed a girl between seven and ten-years-old posing with her top pulled down and holding a sign reading: ‘For you James’. In another chat on 31 March while he was in the Philippines, Monk agreed to pay ‘1,500 for the girl, 500 for you.’

He was told: ‘The girl I will bring to you is pretty, she 13, skinny body.’ Monk asked: ‘What am I allowed to do with her’ and was told: ‘Anything, the sky’s the limit.’

Ninety minutes later, after meeting the girl, Monk messaged back: ‘Liar, she is 16 years old, having her period, you should be ashamed, you gave me lies.’

Monk was sentenced to 20 years at the Old Bailey (Picture: Getty)

Monk was sentenced to 20 years at the Old Bailey (Picture: Getty)

Monk filmed a total of eight videos in the Philippines involving girls aged from eight to around 16 years old.

On the footage taken with the eight year-old girl on 30 March 2014, Monk’s face was caught on camera as he filmed himself sexually abusing the girl.

When his house was searched officers found more 80,000 of live and deleted pictures and videos ranging from the most serious category A to the lowest C on two tower computers, a hard disk, memory cards and CDs.

Mr Probert-Wood said: ‘He said he sent the money because conditions were poor in the Philippines and denied it was for images in return.’

He later told officers that he made ‘monthly support payments’ to the women for the live shows of abuse. The court heard he lost his job after his arrest and was described as ‘somewhat of a loner’ who lived on his own.

Monk, Erith, pleaded guilty to a total of 18 counts, including one count of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, one of assault of a child under 13 by penetration, one of sexual assault of a child under 13.

He will serve half of his 19 year six month sentence and be under a Sexual Harm Prevention Order indefinitely upon his release. Monk is also banned from returning to the Philippines.


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