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Brisbane man exposed himself online to CGI girl

November 4, 2014 · 






Brisbane man exposed himself online to CGI girl


October 22, 2014: Terres des Hommes International Federation have developed a computer-generated child used to hunt pedophiles online.




A Brisbane man has become the first person to be convicted by an undercover sting that used a CGI child to ensnare online pedophiles.
Scott Robert Hansen pleaded guilty to sending obscene photos to “Sweetie”, a computer-generated representation of a nine-year-old from the Philippines, in Brisbane District Court yesterday.
Sentenced to two years in prison, he will likely walk free soon because of the eight months already spent in detention, the BBC reports.
Hansen was caught chatting with what he believed was a child but were actually charity workers in the Netherlands using computer-generated images.
“I’m naked, ever seen a guy naked?” Hansen asked “Sweetie” via a chat application.
He then performed a sex act in front of his webcam.
Judge Julie Ryrie said it did not matter that Hansen was not actually exposing himself to a child.
“If you believe that’s a nine-year-old girl, then that’s the law, that’s good enough,” she said in sentencing.
Details of a thousand men from around the world who chatted with “Sweetie” were sent to police.
The incriminating evidence was gathered by Dutch charity Terre Des Hommes but many of those caught may escape prosecution.
The 110 British men who contacted “Sweetie” may get away with their crimes because evidence gained by entrapment is inadmissible in UK courts.
Hansen has a long history of crimes against children.
In May 2009 a naked Hansen tried to grab an eight-year-old girl walking home from school but was fended off by her older brother.
He was on bail for child pornography charges at the time after more than 20,000 explicit images and movies were found on his computer and on compact discs.


He was convicted in 1995 and 1999 for flashing schoolchildren and in 2011 was caught masturbating in his yard in front of two girls waiting for a bus.



Terre des Hommes
Scott Robert Hansen, who in 2010 was jailed for possessing child pornography and the attempted abduction of a child, pleaded guilty to three charges in Brisbane District Court, the BBC has reported: sending obscene pictures to a child, possession of images of child abuse, and failure to comply with a sex offenders order.



The child Hansen sent the photos to, however, was no ordinary child; in fact, she was no child at all. Nicknamed Sweetie, she was a digital construct created by children’s rights group Terre des Hommes, built to resemble a 10-year-old girl in order to track down child sexual predators without putting an actual child in harm’s way.





A year ago, the organisation had announced that it had compiled a dossier of 1,000 adults from 71 countries who had contacted Sweetie to attempt to get her to perform sex acts in front of a web cam. When the adults contacted Sweetie in public chat rooms, the team operated her from an Amsterdam warehouse via a software application.


While these predators chatted to Sweetie, the Terre des Hommes team found their information on social networks, and capturing the chats and video logs. Although much of the information would be, according to the BBC, inadmissible in court, much is still usable, as indicated by the Hansen conviction.
An anonymous Terre des Hommes operator told the BBC about the interaction with Hansen, who had believed Sweetie to be a nine-year-old girl and performed a sex act in front of her, “He was very direct, at one point he asked us to get our fictional eight-year-old sister involved. It was very difficult to go to sleep at night after interacting with someone like Hansen.”
The operator also noted that Hansen wasn’t even among the most serious offenders the team had seen.
Hansen was convicted by Judge Julie Ryrie, who noted that whether the girl was real was irrelevant to the case. “If you believe that’s a nine-year-old girl, then that’s the law, that’s good enough,” she said.


He was sentenced to two years in prison, but, as he has already served eight months, is not expected to go to jail. He will, however, be subject to a 12-month correction order and must undertake a sex offender treatment program.



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