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Anti-pedophile video aired

April 12, 2000 · 


Published in The Foreign Post
(April 06 – 12, 2000)

GENEVA – Swissair will show an anti-child-sex video on certain routes, the company announced last week.

The video, produced by the british group End of Child Prostitution, Pornography and Trafficking (ECPAT) will be followed bya warning to Swiss citizens that any sexuall crimes committed abroad are liable to prosecution in Switzerland.

The video will be shown in routes to Asiaand Latin America in Spring.

“After some hesitation, Swissair has decided to participate in this campaign of prevention,”said spokesman Rainer Meier.

“The harsh behavior of this video may disturb some passengers, but the importance of the subject outweighed any concernsthe company had.”

The idea of screening the video came from the Swiss federal police and the public health office.

A year ago air France began screening the same ECPAT video, to “remind passengers cannot be abused without impunity, no matter where the offense takes place.”


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