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August 23, 2012 ·  By Johanna Hirte, Psychology Intern

My week started with the visit at the psychiatrist in Manila. Eight girls had an interview there and I accompanied Rhoda and Eresa for monitoring them. I spent the whole day in the waiting room of the hospital and took care about the girls. There was not a lot to do, but it was interesting […]


Mother of two tells of her experience at Preda.

August 6, 2012 · 

AugustĀ  2012 Dear Fr. Shay , Firstly, i want to thank you for allowing me to come and stay at PREDA. Prior to coming, i was very unsure of how i would feel when meeting the children and reading about their history. I was surprised by reaction. I didn’t cry once which is very unusual […]


With the Children Behind the Prison Bars

April 5, 2005 ·  By Mary T. Martin - PREDA Volunteer from Ireland

I was entering into my second month in the Philippines the day I arrived at PREDA, and while I had genuinely at this point fallen head over heals in love with the country, a country where the warmth of (both the weather and) the people can not be matched anywhere across the globe, there was […]


Hope and help for Philippine Children in conflict with the law

January 10, 2005 ·  By By: Mathas Klasen - PREDA Volunteer

A great, but difficult challenge for me. After my time at Preda as a volunteer, I want to try to give a report about what happened. An attempt to report on my everyday life and every day work in the jail rescue team, one of the many departments at Preda. The Fair Trade team, the […]


Only a Dream

July 29, 2003 ·  By Christina from Spain

I am in a place in a third world one wonderful, sunny and hot day. I am looking around me and it seems to be that I am in paradise. Palms join the edge of the sea and the wind coming from the seaside caresses them gently. My friend Pedro who is with me says […]

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