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Thousands of children missing in India.

August 17, 2012 ·  , Times of India, Hyderabad


Every year thousands of children go missing in India without a trace

“The combined data collected by state police and the women and child welfare department clearly hints towards rampant trafficking in women and girl children in the state. A total of 47,181 persons have gone missing in the state since 2009 including 16,787 children and 12,882 women. Of the total number of missing children in the state since 2009, about 66% (10,938) are girls. And, the number of missing girls seems to be only increasing as, till July 2012, another 2,786 children have gone missing with over 70% of them (1,955) girls. That means that about 10 girls go missing each day. Similarly, 2,519 women were missing till July this year, which means every day 12 women go missing. The alarming fact is the number of women and girls that remain missing in government records in the past four years. Since 2009, a total of 23,760 girls and women have gone missing in the state and they are yet to be traced. This hints at the possibility of these victims being caught in the clutches of human traffickers”. – Report by Times of India, Hyderabad


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