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Most Trafficked Victims Worldwide Sold For Sex

December 20, 2009 · 


20 DECEMBER 2009
by Artemio A. Dumlao

BAGUIO CITY (December 12, 2009) ­ Most victims of human trafficking around the world are being sold for sex, the Asia against Child Trafficking (Asia ACTs) claimed Saturdayon the occasion of the Day against Trafficking being celebrated around Asia and throughout the globe.

Reminding everyone “of their responsibility to protect the children from being trafficked and exploited,” Magnolia Jacinto of the Asia ACTs citing the Global Report on Trafficking in Persons 2009 of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime that “79 percent of all global trafficking is for sexual exploitation,.only followed by forced labor.”

She further cited that there has been about 15 percent to nearly 22 percent increase in the proportion of minors involved in various forms of human trafficking between 2003 and 2007; and that children comprise almost 20% of all trafficking victims.

The problem on child trafficking, which accordingly is now a global phenomenon, continues to exist “as unscrupulous people at the local and international markets are free to create demands for exploitation while countries that serve as sources of supply remain to provide inadequate protection to their children.”

Being a multi-faceted form of violence, Jacinto urged, “collaborative and comprehensive actions must be carried out to address the problem of child trafficking.”

This as he enjoined individuals, families, government officials, NGOs, religious groups, media practitioners, and the civil society to work together and perform their duty of protecting the children, upholding the rights of children who are victims of trafficking and ensuring their full recovery and reintegration.

According to Jacinto, however, children are also encouraged to protect themselves and their peers from being trafficked.

Jacinto said Asia ACTs, with support from the European Union and Terre des Hommes ­ Netherlands, will make this appeal in Southeast Asia through its campaign partners ­ Burma ACTs, Cambodia ACTs, Indonesia ACTs, Village Focus International (Lao PDR), Ho Chi Minh Child Welfare Foundation (Vietnam), Child Trafficking Watch Thailand and Philippines against Child Trafficking (PACT).


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