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Ensuring Global Justice For Children Beyond Borders

November 2, 2002 · 


In August 1996 Canadian government delegates and representatives from non-governmental organizations (NGO) were invited to participate in the first World Congress against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in Stockholm, Sweden. Canadian participants went into the conference with the belief that it was Canadian offenders committing acts against foreign children who should be of concern. What soon became evident was that there are many Canadian children wo are victims of exploitation who urgently required attention as well – children who are beyond borders and are being abused and neglected by foreigners, family members, and the system that was created to protect them.

The mechanism in place to assist them were only making matters worse; the policies within local governments were as complex as the regulations between countries. Two members of the Canadian delegation decided to do something about this problem and help these children in critical situations. Rosalind Prober, an official observer from Manitoba invited by the Canadian government, and Mark Erik Hecht, a children’s rights activist from an international human rights agency, created a new NGO to bring global justice to children everywhere.


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