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Dutch Charged With Child Abuse

October 20, 2006 · 


Alexander Ferdinand Martin Robin Wilson – Dutch, was charged with violation of RA 7610 when he forced to live-in with him, a 17-year old Filipina in Olongapo City. PREDA received the report from his business partner whom he duped and after PREDA contacted the mother of the child, a rescue operation was coordinated by PREDA with the Angeles City Police after he took away the child in his rented house at Timog Park in Angeles City.

Evidence in support of the complaint disclosed that sometime in December 2005, the minor had a vacation in Olongapo City. While staying there, she met the respondent and after a brief courtship, they started living together. When the mother learned about it, she immediately went to the place of Wilson in order to get her daughter back and bring her to Manila. The daughter refused to go with her as she was being threatened by Alex Wilson.

With persistent prodding, the child was finally persuaded to go with the mother. However, after sometime, the mother discovered that Alex Wilson took her daughter again and brought her to his residence at Timog Park in Angeles City. Thereat, Alex Wilson and the minor had an amorous relationship and had sexual intercourse. The mother then sought the assistance of the PREDA Foundation and the police operatives of Angeles City Police Station 5 in order to rescue her daughter. On August 16, 2006, the child was reunited with her mother.

Alex Wilson is a hotel owner in Olongapo City. He also ran a travel tours in Angeles City wherein his foreign customers are those enticed in his cyber-sex chatting business located in his restaurant hotel in Baloy Beach, Olongapo City. Alex Wilson, through intimidation and power as employer, forces his female employees, who are waitresses in his restaurant to chat with foreign customers in his cyber-sex chatting business. The waitresses are required within three months of chatting to entice customers on-line to go to Olongapo to stay in Wilson’s hotel through his travel tours.

Alex Wilson is also suspected of child pornography over the Internet where he once owned a website that caters to foreigners. The subjects in his website are minors whom he shoot photos of them in nude poses in his own apartment.

After Wilson’s arrest and Inquest investigation, PREDA immediately worked for a Court Hold Departure Order against him after learning that he is planning to go abroad to escape justice. However, because the prosecutor in this case did not act on it immediately, Wilson reportedly got out of the country minutes before PREDA could manage to push the Angeles City Prosecution Office to file a Motion for Hold Departure Order.

With Alex Wilson out of the country, the Court cannot proceed with the legal case. Subsequently, a warrant of arrest will be issued against him. In its essence, the case will be technically on hold anticipating the Court that it will archive the case until Alex Wilson is presented to the Court. [End]


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