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Philippines city flourishes under rule of the gun

May 20, 2004 ·  By KATHY MARKS

DAVAO – In the Philippines and beyond, the southern island of Mindanao is a byword for civil war, anarchy and violence. Its mountains and jungles harbour separatist guerrillas locked in a struggle for an independent Muslim state. Kidnappings are rife, and a Communist insurgency has raged for decades. Tribal warlords backed by private militias rule […]


Vigilante killings alarm Philippines citizens

November 30, 2003 ·  By Alan Sipress Washington Post

DAVAO CITY, Philippines — Clarita Alia has visited the San Pedro public cemetery every week for the last two years. From evening until dawn, she camps beside the graves of her two teen-age boys, stabbed to death a year earlier in separate attacks. When her 14-year-old son, Bobby, was released f rom jail last year […]

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