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Topic: UN Drug Conventions

International Drug Policy Groups Evaluate The Global Impact of Drug Legalization

January 23, 2012 ·  By DFAF

Urging Nations to Uphold and Enhance Current Efforts to Prevent the Use, Cultivation, Production, Traffic, and Sale of Illegal Drugs (St. Petersburg, FL)  Significant groups from across the globe came together to evaluate the potential impact of drug legalization.  This alliance of drug policy experts found that drugs are an enormous social problem and that […]


International Statement of Support to United Nations Conventions on Narcotics

January 23, 2012 ·  By Gráinne Kenny

International groups who describe themselves as world experts are working hard to promote full legalisation of drugs. They propose different approaches through Medical Marijuana (NORML US), Cannabis legalisation/decriminalisation, injecting rooms and harm reduction with no independent evaluation of results.


Drug Legalisation: An Evaluation of the Impacts on  Global Society 

December 21, 2011 · 

The flawed proposition of drug legalisation Various  well  funded  pressure  groups  have  mounted  campaigns  to  overturn  the  United  Nations Conventions  on  drugs.    These  groups  claim  that  society  should  accept  the  fact  of  drugs  as  a problem that will remain and, therefore, should be managed in a way that would enable millions of people to take […]



January 27, 2003 ·  By EURAD

The Head of Demand Reduction at the United Nations Office for Drug Control and Crime in Vienna last November has been forced to resign. Mike Trace (formerly Dep. Drug Tsar in the UK until his appointment as head of EMCDDA in Lisbon) was subsequently appointed to this influential post with the UN last November. However, […]


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