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Topic: Sexual Abuse

Some Facts About Pornography

January 27, 2001 · 

ANGELA Stuart-Santiago, in her commentary in the INQUIRERon Jan. 9 and 10, said that we who oppose pornography are “simply hysterical (as in emotionally overwrought) so they’re not thinking straight, much less talking sense … that times have changed … not only dishonest but dangerous of Sonny Alvarez, Manoling Morato and their cohorts in the religious and show-biz communities … moralists worldwide are down to a noisy minority … we are also sexual creatures … It’s normal to be horny … moral terrorists … to Armida’s credit, she has survived the crisis with aplomb … that when pornography was legalized in Denmark, the incidence of rape fell.”


Sexual Abuse, Sexual Exploitation, and the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in Indonesia

January 1, 2001 · 

This is an extract of a report prepared for Indonesia, which commissioned a study on the situation of the children in especially difficult circumstances covering the issue of child labour, street children and sexually exploited children. The Indonesian version of this report was published soon. Mohamman farid, the author of this report has given his consent to this extracted version.


Travel With Care…

December 8, 2000 · 

ECPAT Australia has just launched a new publication specifically written to help the travel and tourism industry understand the Australian Child Sex Tourism law. This easy to understand guide details the legislation, including who can be prosecuted and how to report allegations of abuse. The Travel With Care booklet will be distributed nationally to travel […]



October 5, 2000 · 

The US Customs Service is in charge of federal efforts to crack down on child pornography on the internet and child sex tourism. Thanks in particular to Congresspersons Nick Lamston (TX) and Nancy Johnson (CT), the agency has a new state of the art office in suburban Washington DC. In the last year, the office has won 12 convictions of child sex tourists and has made about 300 arrests for possession of child pornography.


Child Prostitution A Major Risk To Asean Tourism

June 28, 2000 · 

Bangkok — ASEAN nations working to stamp out child sex tourism must form national task forces to co-ordinate efforts to fight the abuse, a World Tourism Authority (WTO) official said. The task force proposal was one of the recommendations made at a two-day conference of child protection activists, tourism authorities and legal experts, which concluded […]


The Role of Men

June 21, 2000 · 

TWO of the biggest issues emerging at the UN conference were trafficking in women and children and the impact of HIV AIDS. And one of the most difficult tasks in negotiating the final document was linking trafficking to AIDS, as well as to men’s sexual behavior.


Italians charge 1500 people with internet pornography

June 17, 2000 · 

A large sex offender Internet ring was intercepted by the Italian police in September. The ring was being operated by Russian sex offenders who had been kidnapping children from orphanages, circuses and public parks. Once abducted, the children were forced to commit sexual acts, while being filmed. Some of the children were filmed being raped and tortured to death.


US Lawmakers Vote in Crackdown on International Sex Traff'icking

May 24, 2000 · 

WASHINGTON DC – Sordid tales of women and children tricked or forced into sexual slavery echoed in the United States House chamber last week as lawmakers approved a bill aimed at cracking down on global sex trafficking.


Boy, 15, Draws Jail Term for Raping Girl, 5

May 19, 2000 · 

DAGUPAN CITY-After almost two months of marathon hearings, a judge here ordered a 15-year-old boy to suffer in jail for at least two years when he reaches 18 years old for raping a 5-year-old girl in November last year.


Court Jails Seven for Sex Crimes

May 1, 2000 · 

Cuba: A court in eastern Cuba has sentenced five Cuban men and two women to jail terms of between three and 30 years for sex offenses involving schoolgirls.

The seven were convicted by the court in Camaguey province of repeated crimes of “corruption of minors” and procuring. They were accused of forcing a group of secondary school girls to perform sex acts, using promises of money, and in some cases, threats of physical force.

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