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US Lawmakers Vote in Crackdown on International Sex Traff'icking

May 24, 2000 · 

  Published in The Foreign Post (May 18 – 24, 2000) WASHINGTON DC – Sordid tales of women and children tricked or forced into sexual slavery echoed in the United States House chamber last week as lawmakers approved a bill aimed at cracking down on global sex trafficking. By voice vote, the US House of […]


Fighting The Child Sex Trade

May 4, 2000 · 

Published in the USNEWS May 04, 2000 OLONGAPO, PHILIPPINES – Pia Agustin Corvera became a prostitute at the age of 9. An aunt who raised her in a Manila slum rented her to foreign men with Pia receiving 120 pesos–$3–for each encounter. After three years, according to a social worker’s report, she was sold to […]


US senators want curbs on 'sex slave' traffic

April 13, 2000 · 

WASHINGTON-Two senators want to see life sentences imposed on people who bring young children into the country to work as ‘sex slaves’. Democratic senators Paul Wellstone of Minnesota and Sam Brownback of Kansas plan separate bills aimed at cracking down on an illegal industry the CIA said brings 50,000 women and girls into this country […]


UN Urges Action on Millions of Asian Trafficking Victims

March 29, 2000 · 

BANGKOK – Nine million people have been enslaved in the global sex trade or forced to work in appalling conditions by powerful crime syndicates active in human trafficking, according to a new United Nations report.



February 26, 2000 · 

Published in Today (February 26, 2000)         TWO Americans who are allegedly behind the operation of so-called sex tours in the country were banned from entering the country, the Bureau of Immigration said yesterday. Immigration commissioner Rufus Rodriguez said the two Americans — Louis Schonberger and Norman Barabash — were blacklisted based on the request […]


Japan Targets Child Sex Trade

February 2, 2000 · 

Published in Today (February 02, 2000) TOKYO — Naked girl still beckon from the magazines read with nonchalant aplomb by salarymen headed home from the office on the crowded subways. But Japan is hoping a new law on pornography and child prostitution will help it shed its image as one of the most licentious capitals […]


100 Kids Abused Daily

May 2, 1999 ·  By ECPAT Newsletter, BBCWorld

Published in the ECPAT Newsletter May 1999 Sri Lanka: The first study prepared by Protecting Children and Environment Everywhere-PEACE (ECPAT-Sri Lanka) on the scale of child sexual abuse in Sri Lanka has concluded that 100 young people are sexually exploited or abused every day on the island. The study on sexually abused children concludes that […]

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