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Fair Trade – Protecting Human Rights

May 18, 2012 ·  By Fr. Shay Cullen

Dublin, Ireland – Juanito Hacinto is a poor man in Bataan, Philippines. He is a member of the Aeta indigenous people. He sat with his wife Nita, and their three children under a mango tree to hear our message that the Preda Fair Trade organisation, Profairtrade, will pay 100% higher for their mango fruit so […]


Earth Day with the Indigenous People

April 25, 2012 ·  By Fr. Shay Cullen

How I admire the resilience and survival skills of the rural impoverished Filipino. It’s something to be celebrated and admired but the fact that millions of rural poor, especially many of the indigenous people, live at subsistence level is a cause for great concern, especially…


How We Help End Hunger

March 23, 2012 ·  By Fr. Shay Cullen

Hiking through the Zambales hills visiting the villages of the Aeta indigenous people is an exhilarating and yet saddening experience. I have been thinking about my recent visits to the villages of the aboriginal people that first settled the Philippine islands and survived…



March 16, 2012 ·  By Fr. Shay Cullen

As I walked the last few meters with a medical team organized by the Preda Fair Trade Development Foundation to the hillside village, high in the Zambales Mountains, I was not greeted with the usual rush of excited smiling children curious at the arrival of visitors from the lowland. The Preda team entered a village […]


Climate Change and Philippine Deforestation

November 16, 2011 ·  By Fr. Shay Cullen

The greatest hope we have for saving our planet from catastrophe is the dedication of those dedicated environmentalists and scientists who love creation and work tirelessly to protect it from the irresponsible tycoons of industry and corrupt politicians who cause global warming. Many choose to deny the scientific evidence that climate change is underway and […]


The End of Farm Subsidies

September 21, 2011 · 

Berlin – Last week in Berlin, the city that never stops rebuilding, I was representing Preda Fair Trade and was present on a tourist barge for the launch of the Fair Trade Fortnight with the leading personalities in the Fair Trade movement and the assembled members of the media. As we cruised along the canal, […]


Preda Newsletter October 2010

October 2, 2010 · 

DEAR FRIENDS & DEFENDERS OF HUMAN RIGHTS, The US Navy left behind a proud heritage in the Philippines – their children. When the Navy base closed at Subic Bay, these children of mixed-race were left abandoned by their fathers, some without mothers, others adopted by poor families, and all impoverished materially, culturally and without family. […]


Preda Newsletter November 2007

November 4, 2007 · 

It was a happy day last October 20 when the first vehicle drove over the second completed bridge leading to the new Preda organic farm on vocational training center for boys. A bridge that was made possible by the provincial government under the newly elected Governor Amor Deloso. This is only the phase one of […]


Preda Newsletter September 2007

September 4, 2007 · 

Dear supporters and defenders for children, My apologies for not writing to you before now. There has been a lot of activities, rescuing children, caring for them, campaigning for children’s rights and overseeing the construction of the new children’s home and vocational training center. Child rescue. Last week, we had an appeal for help from […]


February 2004 Newsletter

February 3, 2004 · 

Dear friends and defenders of children’s rights, Our heartfelt thanks and prayers to all of you who have sent us messages of support, encouragement and donations over Christmas and the New Year. As our partners and defenders of children, we count you among our team and continue to go forward with the work of protecting […]


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