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Topic: Pollution

The Hell Fires of Climate Change

February 26, 2015 · 

Father Shay Cullen The Gates of Hell is how Dan brown described Manila in a recent novel and how right he is. The air pollution has grow excessively with thousands more vehicles belching black smoke and a thick sooty smog swirls over the city. Millions of Filipinos inhale the death causing particles that clog up […]



February 25, 2014 · 

By Fr. Shay Cullen     Powerful storms, tidal surges, high winds, toppled trees and electric posts and massive floods over a wide area, natural disasters that are typical of the Philippines. We have endured 25 such storms in the past year more than ever before. Millions of people have lost their houses, lands and crops. Thousands of […]


A Sustainable Life of Dignity, Rio+20

June 21, 2012 ·  By Fr. Shay Cullen

My faith is greatly challenged when I look upon the earth and the ongoing destruction of the beautiful valleys, hills, rivers and forests. Does the Lord of the Universe allow the ravages of mining, river pollution, reckless forest destruction, the depletion of marine life and destructive greed?


Who Coddled The Toxic Terror?

March 9, 2012 · 

The protection, preservation and nurturing of life is more than just an act of survival based on instinct as it is with the animal kingdom. For human persons it is a rational balancing of alternatives as to what action is best to take in any given situation. The fact we have free will to choose […]


Climate Change and Philippine Deforestation

November 16, 2011 ·  By Fr. Shay Cullen

The greatest hope we have for saving our planet from catastrophe is the dedication of those dedicated environmentalists and scientists who love creation and work tirelessly to protect it from the irresponsible tycoons of industry and corrupt politicians who cause global warming. Many choose to deny the scientific evidence that climate change is underway and […]


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