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Phl among 7 countries with rising AIDS cases

December 3, 2011 ·  By Artemio Dumlao, The Philippine Star

BAGUIO CITY, Philippines – The Philippines is among seven countries with a steady increase in cases of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS).


ASIA: young people facing unprecedented health risks from drug-taking and HIV/AIDS

April 16, 2003 · 

Children and young people in Asia are facing unprecedented health risks from HIV/AIDS and other diseases due to the rapid spread of amphetamine-type drug abuse, UNICEF warned today. Speaking at the International Conference on the Reduction of Drug Related Harm, Robert Bennoun, UNICEF Regional Advisor on HIV/AIDS, highlighted an urgent need for more effective and […]


The world's deadliest epidemic: 20 years & counting

December 1, 2001 · 

No one reading those nine paragraphs could know that they were looking at what would become the most devastating epidemic in human history. It was inconceivable that HIV would spread so rapidly that within the first 20 years of the epidemic it would infect 58 million people, killing 22 million of them. I will never […]



December 2, 2000 · 

More than a million children are living with HIV/AIDS As people around the globe hold events to mark World Aids Day, President Bill Clinton has warned that the disease has reached catastrophic proportions in many parts of the world. He said the spread of Aids was so severe in some regions, it had become a […]


Fighting The Child Sex Trade

May 8, 2000 · 

OLONGAPO, PHILIPPINES – Pia Agustin Corvera became a prostitute at the age of 9. An aunt who raised her in a Manila slum rented her to foreign men with Pia receiving 120 pesos–$3–for each encounter. After three years, according to a social worker’s report, she was sold to a visiting German pedophile. Today, the morose 16-year-old with a ravaged psyche and an uneasy smile has found refuge here in a therapeutic community for child victims of sexual abuse run by a 57-year-old Irish priest, the Rev. Shay Cullen.


Stopping sex-slave trade in the global economy

April 2, 2000 · 

Official U.S. estimates are that 2 million people, including 500,000 children, are being forced into prostitution.

A silent but horrific practice degrading women and children is, proliferating around the world. Known as sexual trafficking, it involves a systematic effort to kidnap females, many of whom are preteens, into forced prostitution.


Shift in Sex Tourism

March 4, 2000 · 

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica — The sexual exploitation of girls and boys, largely by men from the United States, has reached alarming proportions in Central America, according to children’s rights advocates who say the region is now a priority in their struggle against child prostitution and pornography.



January 25, 2000 · 

ANGELES CITY-Fearing an outbreak of sexually transmitted diseases, this city’s lone woman councilor has urged restricted activities of 2,000 American troops participating in military exercises with Filipino soldiers.


Virgin Girl Brides Sought for Virility and Good Fortune

September 1, 1999 · 

In regard to Vietnam, the situation of trafficking of women and children within and from the country relates to three areas. First, there is trafficking from the northern part of Vietnam to China for marriage andother reasons. Second, there is trafficking from the southern part to Cambodia and subsequently to Thailand mainly for sexual purposes.


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