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Carpet Slaves: Stolen Children Of India – A Film

April 7, 2001 · 

Cinemax’s latest Reel Life documentary, “The Carpet Slaves: Stolen Children of India”, is a film by British Filmmakers, Kate Blewett and Brian Woods that documents an extreme form of child slavery — carpet making in northern India. Carpet slaves tells the story of one man’s search for his missing son against the backdrop of intractable […]


Stopping sex-slave trade in the global economy

April 2, 2000 · 

Official U.S. estimates are that 2 million people, including 500,000 children, are being forced into prostitution.

A silent but horrific practice degrading women and children is, proliferating around the world. Known as sexual trafficking, it involves a systematic effort to kidnap females, many of whom are preteens, into forced prostitution.


15 'Slave' Workers Rescued in Raid

January 23, 2000 · 

SAN FERNANDO CITY — Fifteen workers including eight minors, were rescued from nearly two months of slave labor in a rice milling warehouse in Tayug, Pangasinan, during a raid by a government team Tuesday.


ILO adopts Convention banning worst forms of child labour

May 5, 1999 · 

Geneva- International Labour Organisation (ILO) member States on June 17, 99 took a decisive step towards liberating scores of millions of children from slavery and debt bondage, prostitution and pornography, dangerous work and forcible recruitment for armed conflict.

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