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American ship captain in sex trysts with Filipino children arrested

October 16, 2009 · 

News Release, October 16, 2009 First District Cotabato Rep. Emmylou “Lala” Taliño-Mendoza Cotabato Rep. Emmylou Taliño-Mendoza has lauded the arrest of an American ship captain who allegedly prostituted Filipino children on several occasions during visits to Manila. Taliño-Mendoza, a crusader against the sexual abuse and exploitation of children and women, credited the close cooperation of […]



December 12, 2008 ·  , Pattaya Daily News

Pattaya Daily News, December 12, 2008 Suspects: (From right to left) American Robert Roy Lond, Britons Malcolm Henry Payne, Robert Alexander Horsman and German Fritz Dieter Blattner. © EPA Police have arrested four foreigners, including two British nationals, one German and a US citizen in a crackdown on sexual abuse of minors in Pattaya, police […]


Priest who hates Paedos with a Passion

October 31, 2006 ·  By Will Payne and Nicola Tallant, Irish Daily Mirror

Sickening scenes of child prostitution and abuse have been described in an Irish priest’s disturbing account of his mission to bring down the Philippines vile sex trade. Father Shay Cullen was so appalled by what he witnessed during his time in South East Asia that he dedicated his life to exposing the country’s seedy underbelly. […]


Worlds Vilest Brits

May 15, 2005 · 

20-stone slimeball, ex-cop and footy hooligan are ruling the roost in paedophiles’ paradise A gang of sleazy Britons are taking control of a tourist town and turning it into a mecca for sex perverts, The People can reveal. The vile band of degenerates are making a fortune offering girls as young as 11 to British […]


Fighting The Child Sex Trade

May 4, 2000 · 

Published in the USNEWS May 04, 2000 OLONGAPO, PHILIPPINES – Pia Agustin Corvera became a prostitute at the age of 9. An aunt who raised her in a Manila slum rented her to foreign men with Pia receiving 120 pesos–$3–for each encounter. After three years, according to a social worker’s report, she was sold to […]


BI Deports Convicted Swiss Pedophile

April 20, 2000 · 

Published in The Manila Times (April 20, 2000) THE Bureau of Immigration (BI) the other day deported a Swiss national wanted in his country for being convicted as a pedophile. Immigration Commissioner Rufus Rodriguez said Roland Suphaphon alias Roland Willi, was deported to Switzerland Tuesday following his arrest last week inside a Quezon City restaurant […]


Unicef Child Sex Trafficking Must End

January 23, 2000 · 

Published in The Manila Times (January 23, 2000) NATIONS must fight the greed and brutal disregard for human rights which underpin the worldwide trafficking in children and women, most often for sexual exploitation, according to United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) Executive Director Carol Bellamy. Speaking in Tokyo at the Asia-Pacific Symposium on trafficking in Persons, […]


Sexual Abuse, Sexual Exploitation, and the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in Indonesia

January 1, 2000 · 

Published in the Child Workers of Asia January 01, 2000 This is an extract of a report prepared for Indonesia, which commissioned a study on the situation of the children in especially difficult circumstances covering the issue of child labour, street children and sexually exploited children. The Indonesian version of this report was published soon. […]

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