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Fighting The Child Sex Trade

May 8, 2000 · 

OLONGAPO, PHILIPPINES – Pia Agustin Corvera became a prostitute at the age of 9. An aunt who raised her in a Manila slum rented her to foreign men with Pia receiving 120 pesos–$3–for each encounter. After three years, according to a social worker’s report, she was sold to a visiting German pedophile. Today, the morose 16-year-old with a ravaged psyche and an uneasy smile has found refuge here in a therapeutic community for child victims of sexual abuse run by a 57-year-old Irish priest, the Rev. Shay Cullen.


China Wakes to Horror of Human Trafficking

May 3, 2000 · 

BEIJING -China has launched a massive police operation against trafficking in women and children, pulling back the curtain on a problem it once told its people and the world it had eradicated on the 1950s.


Stopping sex-slave trade in the global economy

April 2, 2000 · 

Official U.S. estimates are that 2 million people, including 500,000 children, are being forced into prostitution.

A silent but horrific practice degrading women and children is, proliferating around the world. Known as sexual trafficking, it involves a systematic effort to kidnap females, many of whom are preteens, into forced prostitution.


Unicef Child Sex Trafficking Must End

January 23, 2000 · 

NATIONS must fight the greed and brutal disregard for human rights which underpin the worldwide trafficking in children and women, most often for sexual exploitation, according to United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) Executive Director Carol Bellamy.


Now, 'only' 4 Pupils Will Share Books

January 19, 2000 · 

EDUCATION officials call this good news, but for millions of public elementary pupils and high-school students, sharing a book with four classmates instead of eight is still a miserable situation.


PREDA Answer

November 22, 1999 · 


I, FR. SHAY CULLEN, Irish, of legal age, with postal address at PREDA Foundation, Inc., Upper Kalaklan, Olongapo City after having been duly sworn to in accordance with law do hereby depose and say :


Conviction Rate for Child Abusers Dismisal

February 1, 1999 · 

DAVAO CITY – Only few of those accused of child abuse and sex exploitation get convicted even as the reporting of these cases has improved the past years, children’s rights advocates here said.

Liza Degoria, head of the city government-funded Balay Dangupan. A center for abused and sexually-exploited children, said of the 175 cases of rape, incest and acts of lasciviousness that were filed in court from 1996 t last year, only 16 had convictions.

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