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Ten million child labourers in domestic work

June 13, 2013 · 

  To mark World Day Against Child Labour, the ILO publishes a report outlining the abuses suffered by millions of children working in family homes.   News | 12 June 2013 © S.Sekhri / The Times Of India GENEVA (ILO News) – An estimated 10.5 million children worldwide – most of them under age – […]


End child labor pact signed

August 30, 2012 ·  , press release OneWorld .net 28 August 2012

    MoU signed between ILO and SAIEVAC to promote child rights     A “momentous partnership” agreement to promote children’s rights and child protection in South Asia has been signed by the Regional Secretariat of the South Asia Initiative to End Violence against Children (SAIEVAC) and the International Labour Organization (ILO). The new Memorandum […]


3 million child laborers in Philippines, says ILO survey

June 26, 2012 ·  By Philip C. Tubeza, Philippine Daily Inquirer

There are 3 million child laborers toiling in the Philippines and almost all of them are working in hazardous conditions, according to a survey financed by the International Labor Organization (ILO).


Laws Regarding Trafficking of Women and Children in China

December 16, 2010 · 

With regards to China, legal measures emanate from the 1991 decision of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress which called for action to criminalise the following: abduction for sale of women and children; kidnap of women and children, kidnap for purposes of blackmail; purchase of abducted and kidnapped women and children;


Child labor cases uncovered in China

April 30, 2008 · 

SHANGHAI: China said Wednesday that it was investigating whether hundreds or perhaps thousands of children from poor areas in the southwest part of the country had been sold to work as slave laborers in booming coastal factory cities.


Uzbekistan Children used a cotton pickers

October 30, 2007 · 

Was the shirt on your back made using forced child labour? It’s an uncomfortable thought, one that we normally push to the back of our minds as we search out bargains in the High Street. And companies make it easy for us to ignore the problem – reassuring the consumer that manufacturers adhere to strict […]


2007 campaign call – Anti-Slavery

August 17, 2006 · 

With just six months to go until the bicentenary of Britain’s abolition of the slave trade, we are calling on UK campaigners to alert their Members of Parliament to the importance of this anniversary. 2007 provides a significant opportunity to commemorate the Transatlantic Slave Trade and its abolition, and to work for the eradication of […]


Philippines- a main source of human trafficking

September 3, 2003 · 

The United States has identified the Philippines as a main source and transit of human trafficking for labour and sexual exploitation. According to the US State Department’s Trafficking In Persons Report the Philippines was a source, transit and to a lesser extent destination country for persons trafficked for labour and sexual exploitation. The report cited […]


ROMANIA Ratifies International Convention Banning Child Labour

July 12, 2003 · 

Romania has ratified the ILO Convention on Worst Forms of Child Labour. The ILO programme introduced in Romania for the first time enjoys financial support from the US administration (600,000 USD) and will span two years.


17 Million Latin American Children Work

April 18, 2003 · 

One out of five Latin American children, or more than 17 million, work in the unofficial economic sector and in rural areas, the International Labor Organization said yesterday. In conjunction with the Guatemalan non-governmental organisation Intervida and Save the Children, Norway the ILO said the countries with the highest rates of child labour in Latin […]

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