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Philippines’ generation of sex tourism children

March 18, 2015 ·  By Dave Tacon for AlJazeera

CREDIT: Dave Tacon/Al Jazeera
Peter, 8, and his mother Grace, 35, with a picture of Peter's Australian father, Max. The picture was taken during one of Max's visits to the Philippines. Grace met Max when she was 24 and he was 78, while she was working in a bar in Angeles City's red light district. Unlike many children of sex tourists, Peter's father signed the boy's birth certificate, helped him obtain an Australian passport and bought them the house in which they now live. Grace and Peter have not heard or received financial support from Peter's father in four months. Grace hopes to obtain welfare payments from the Australian government.

Weekends are busy on Fields Avenue in Balibago. Young women greet meandering men and invite them into the bars that line the street. Known as the “supermarket of sex”, Angeles City’s red light district has fast become a top destination for sex tourism. Male travellers from Asia, Australia, the US, Europe and the Middle East […]


Angeles City, the second largest sex tourism city in the world

April 26, 2012 ·  By Peter St. Cyr & Gadi Schwartz, US Media

A Bernalillo County Commissioner with a history of making inappropriate sexual comments in Albuquerque may be in more trouble half way around the world. A Seattle photographer, who has been documenting sex tourism in the Philippines, told KOB’s 4 On Your Side team he had a disturbing conversation with Commissioner Michael Wiener in Angeles City, […]



January 25, 2000 · 

ANGELES CITY-Fearing an outbreak of sexually transmitted diseases, this city’s lone woman councilor has urged restricted activities of 2,000 American troops participating in military exercises with Filipino soldiers.


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