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The Jessica Smith Scholar Fund


Jessica SmithWe are happy to announce that the Jessica Smith  fund for  2012  has been increased by Danny and Joan Smith by ten thousands pounds sterling and this will enable the scholarship programme to continue the education of the  scholars in the programme. New students will join this coming school year.  All the students in the programme are doing well studying hard and passing their exams and there are no drop outs and their  grades are very good and acceptable .

They are good inspiring dedicated youth and they will do well in the future and bring to life the ideals and values that were cherished so much by Jessica. Her memory will live on, her spirit is alive and living among us all especially the students who have been encouraged and inspired by her goodness.

The Jessica Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund – Fr Shay Cullen made the first contribution of 3,000 euros to set this up, and will oversee this Fund to help with the education of poor underprivileged children in the Philippines.The goal is to empower the youth and give them a sense and appreciation for the value of life, the environment and a love of justice and  dignity. There is no better way to educate children than to make it a wholistic education, a joyous experience of life and their participation in it.

They will feel connected to the world around them and have a thirst for knowledge and action in helping other people in need. This will direct them to the highest form of love, serving and helping without selfish desires or motives.They will learn to give themselves through concern,compassion and dedication to others who have  less chance than they.

Fr. Shay was quoted as saying about his last meeting with Jessica and her parents in England ; “It seems only yesterday that we were there together. That last meal together is frozen in time for me. This is a beautiful way to remember Jessie, something that will live on and on. Giving new life to the impoverished is best done this way as whole lives, families and generations are best influenced through education, especially for young girls.”

The Jessica Smith Scholar Fund

Some of these are also Jessica’s scholars. All doing well


The Jessica Smith Memorial Scholarship FundCollege:
Jerico Acosta
Kevin Soriano
Catherine Jane Zita
High School:
Kilball Malinao
Remmer Aguid
Wade Lee Johnson
John Opre
Paula Loraine Gulmatico
Michael Saloria

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