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Saving Children in Jails


The Preda New Dawn (Bukang Liwayway) Home for Boys is a community life style offering restorative justice and a value formation programme for youth in conflict with the law. It is a way of restorative and redemptive justice and personality formation rather than condemnation and punishment. The “Jail rescue” team works with government social workers assigned to youth detention centers which are sub-human, dehumanizing and dangerous to the mental, physical and emotional life of the youth.

RELEASE FROM HARSH PRISON CONDITIONS. The Preda social workers visit jails and take legal action to have the youth released to the custody of Preda Foundation. That brings these young people into a restorative peaceful therapeutic community. Most of the youth are 15 to 17 years-of age and most have very minor offences and are unjustly imprisoned. Some are framed up with false testimony. Others are jailed by corrupt police to extract money from their family, a form of extortion or kidnapping. The Preda project for youth is to get them out of the harsh inhuman conditions where their human rights are violated daily and get justice for them. Preda gives legal assistance to resolve the charges brought against them. A few youths are directly assigned by the courts to Preda.

Tatort with German Parliamentary Visit at Preda

Tatort commissioner actor Klaus J. Behrendt joins Preda to visit street kid behind bars.

Emotional Expression Therapy In our non-violent, supportive, spiritual and peace-making community they cast away their violent tendencies and behavior, and find other ways to release their emotional feelings of anger and frustration. This is achieved through the Emotional Expression Therapy. In this they are helped by the therapist to relive their childhood traumas and hurts and to vent out their hurt pain and anger in the therapy room. In their imagination they confront the person or persons who hurt them and they relive, re-experience that hurt and painful past. They are encouraged to react to this situation in a natural way that was forbidden to them before because of their vulnerability and powerlessness against their stronger tormentor and abuser.

In this way peace of mind and heart is created. Their anger is released and they can feel at peace with themselves and the community. They don’t project their buried and painful feeling on the staff or other residents. Buried and anger and pain vented or projected at others is a diversion from its real intended target, a childhood abuser perhaps. This projection of anger is usually the cause of violence in the prisons or youth detention centers. There are very few incidents of violence in the Preda Home for Boys.

The New Dawn Boys Home is in a peaceful countryside setting in an organic farm and it is an open area surrounded by fields. There are no walls, fences, or guards. We don’t have any punishment of there is any failure by them to obey the rules of community life. Counseling and persuasion and convincing are the methods. We give the affirmation in their goodness, abilities and inspiration to develop their positive values and strength.

We appeal to the mind and heart. We strive to awaken their reason and spiritual values. To build up and strengthen their free will and conscience to choose the right way, to select good over wrongdoing and embrace the positive life enhancing values. Through education we awaken an interest in knowledge and a curiosity of mind and interest in self-improvement. In this way is created a positive happy family environment. They respond to this and there are very few who leave the home without permission. 94% choose to stay of their free choice.

The low rate of any violent incidents is due to this peaceful respectful life style where they feel that they have respect and dignity, that they are treated justly and fairly and that they get help for their future life. The other activities in the center build character and virtue in them so they participate in the daily activities and reform their own lives. It is they that create a life experience themselves, nothing is imposed on them.

That is our community. If you want to study and film such a community lifestyle that is based on conflict-resolution through a therapeutic community you are welcome. We can discuss it. These are our methods to guide the violent youth into a peaceful and productive way of life and prepare them for re-entry to society with the positive feeling that they have a future and some new knowledge, education and skill to earn them a livelihood.

Tatort with German Parliamentary Visit at Preda

Dagmar G. Wohrl MsB Former Parliamentary State Secretary and chairwoman of the committee for Economic Cooperation and Development presents an award to Fr. Shay Cullen

Tatort with German Parliamentary Visit at Preda

Klaus J. Behrendt joins Fr.Shay at Preda to release jailed kids.

Tatort with German Parliamentary Visit at Preda

The delegation join in the release of Miguel a innocent youth detainee

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