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To help reduce and prevent child abuse, drug abuse and HIV-AIDS, the Preda Public Education and Preventive Seminars team provides specialized presentations for children, youth, parents and teachers at the elementary and high school level. They use puppet shows, audio-visuals, pictures and student participation to make the presentations attractive, fun and effective for the participants.

The daily seminars are given throughout the province of Zambales and extend to elementary and high schools, teachers, social workers, community leaders, and youth and church leaders. Not only are the seminars focussing on the prevention of child abuse, but also the prevention of drug abuse and the HIV-AIDS by using handouts, posters, video shows and live theater. They also conduct participative seminars for youth on adolescence and sexuality, and give values formation on developing mature moral relationships to the participants.

Preda Newsletter February 2012

Preventive Education for young children.


The team also manage the youth organization called AKBAY. They give training to the leaders and members and direct them to join in community awareness training activities in their own communities and to initiate their own actions. They are active in theater, puppet shows and environmental protection. The PEPS team also manages a youth educational assistance and scholarship programme.


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